Chronic Pelvic Pain Relief by Retraining Your Brain

By Lorraine Faehndrich

How to achieve Chronic Pelvic Pain Relief by Retraining Your Brain

The first time I did a mind body practice without trying to fix or change my chronic pelvic pain, I felt like I had come home to myself.

I know now that the reason I felt that way was because it created a sense of safety.

Struggling with my body did not feel safe.

After over a decade of continuing to feel safer and safer in my body as a result of my regular mind body practice, and seeing the same thing happen for my clients and students, I am confident that the key to radiant health, including relieving chronic pelvic pain (or any kind of chronic pain), is learning how to feel safe inside your own skin.

Health and chronic pelvic pain relief are all about retraining your brain that you are safe.

Which takes some persistence when you’ve been raised in a culture, and rely on a medical system, that tends to teach us that we’re not safe.

In almost every area of our lives, we are taught to “watch out”.

When your brain senses danger it creates pain, including chronic pelvic pain, but well before it creates pain it is “on guard”. Deep muscles in your body contract. Your nervous system goes on alert. Your breathing gets shallow.

On the other hand, when your brain senses safety it completely transforms the physical and biochemical landscape of your body – releasing neurotransmitters and hormones that create wellbeing and ease, softening muscles, allowing energy to flow, improving the function of every system in your body.

When your brain senses safety it releases chronic pelvic pain.

The good news is that in your life now, even if you are in pain, the bulk of that danger response is habitual. It’s base on old experiences and learning.

You can retrain your brain that you are safe now.

This is why when women go through my Healing Female Pain program they not only report improvements in their chronic pelvic pain, they also report all kinds of improvements in their health overall.

So, the question to ask yourself is, “What will help me feel safer?”

When you look through the lens of “How safe and relaxed am I right now?” and take baby steps to build a sense of safety in your body, bit by bit your health is going to improve, and your pain is going to release.

You will continue to experience higher levels of freedom, ease, and joy.

Freedom and joy are your natural state.

When you feel safe, your body naturally softens, allowing the energy of who you are to flow more freely.

And this process continues to evolve.

Just this morning during my mind body practice, my chest opened more than it ever had before. It literally felt like a flower was blooming in my heart. I could feel deep muscles I had never felt before relaxing open around my heart and spine.

Feeling and discovering more of yourself is the coolest thing ever!!

And it all begins with creating a little more safety, so you can be a little more present and relaxed…even with pain.

All of the mind body tools on my blog and in my programs are designed to work together to help you create more safety.

Start to notice how you are going through your day.

For example…

Imagine you’re making breakfast and at the same time you’re running through your to do list worrying that you can’t get it all done. Or you’re worrying about your symptoms or feeling guilty about not being able to do more for your children, your partner, or your friends. As you worry you start to feel a little less joyful. Your muscles contract, your breath gets more shallow. You’re less and less present with your body and yourself. You don’t feel safe.

Now imagine you could transport yourself into this imaginary world…

You have the same to do list and symptoms, but you stay connected to your breath and your body while you make your breakfast. Maybe you say nice things to yourself, or you find little things to appreciate, like your breath, the food you’re preparing, or the people who support you. Or maybe you simply allow yourself to be present with whatever emotions and sensations you feel and send some love to each. You’re more able to be in your body, and as a result, you feel safer.

Your internal state would be completely different in these 2 scenarios.

Radiant health comes from taking the time to notice what’s going on inside yourself, and then consistently choosing, one moment at a time, to take baby steps towards safety – internally and externally.

It really is that simple.

It may not be easy at first, but it gets much easier as you gain momentum. In fact, eventually, it becomes an unimaginably fun and empowering journey of self discovery.

Lasting pain relief is a journey of coming home to yourself.

All of the skills that you need to create more safety in your life are learnable. Many of them are linked to in this post and they are all included in my programs and coaching.

I invite you to begin right now, one moment at a time for the rest of the day, with one simple question…

How can I create more safety for myself right now?

Maybe you can shift how you’re thinking, take some pressure off yourself, or decide to let go for the moment.

Maybe you can send some love, light and appreciation to your body…your heart, your belly, your breasts, your vagina, your symptoms.

Maybe you can breathe more deeply or let yourself pause and relax for a minute before moving on to the next thing.

Maybe you can just tell your brain that you are safe. That right now in this moment, in the room you are in, there is no immediate danger.

Our brains learn habits of danger, and those habits are changeable.

Chronic pelvic pain relief and overall health doesn’t come from a medication, a procedure, an exercise, or a diet. Of course these things can all be helpful or necessary at some point – especially if they help us feel safer.

But real health, the kind that allows your body to relax, your breath to deepen, and your full life force energy and aliveness to flow through every cell in your body, comes from teaching your brain that you are safe.

Right now in this moment, you are safe.

And with practice you will start to feel that way.

Safety will become your new habit.

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