Mind Body Relief

If you're struggling with anxiety, chronic pain or other chronic health issues, and haven't addressed the mind body components of your symptoms, you may be missing a big piece of the puzzle.

You can heal. I can help.

I have been helping women relieve anxiety, chronic pain, and other chronic health issues using a highly effective, science based mind body approach for over 12 years. I would love to help you.

Mind Body Relief

If you're struggling with anxiety, chronic pain or other chronic health issues, and haven't addressed the mind body components of your symptoms, you may be missing a big piece of the puzzle.

You can heal. I can help.

I have been helping women relieve anxiety, chronic pain, and other chronic health issues using a highly effective, science based mind body approach for over 12 years. I would love to help you.

Are You Ready for Lasting Relief from Anxiety and Chronic Symptoms?

Right now, you may be anxious and in pain And maybe you have been for a long time.

You’ve probably…

  • Tried everything you can think of. Seen a TON of doctors and specialists. Taken several different medications. Meditated. Done yoga, physical therapy, brain training, trauma release, acupuncture, crazy restrictive diets, supplements, visualizations, massage, osteopathic adjustments, maybe even surgery.
  • Held it together for everyone in your life. You’re dependable, reliable, trustworthy. To outsiders, you’ve got it goin’ on. But the truth is, you’re not fully able to enjoy it.
  • Wondered if you’ll ever be free of anxiety, pain, or other symptoms and get your life back. Maybe you’re anxious. Angry at your body. Sad. Distracted. It may be more than just one thing. You’re probably dealing with multiple symptoms (anxiety, pain, low energy, depression). Blegh!
  • Felt broken and alone, overwhelmed, frustrated, exhausted and confused.

    You’re still searching for relief because so far, nothing has worked.

    But, there is hope.

    You can re-claim that happy, healthy, you.

    Your body is designed to heal. When it’s not healing — there is a reason.

    And in most cases the underlying reason is not “physical”. It’s not because something is wrong with you. You’ve already been down that road and it hasn’t led to lasting relief.

    The reason your body isn’t healing has to do with the very real physiological effect that your thoughts and emotions, past trauma, and current life experiences are having on your brain, nervous system, immune system, musculoskeletal and endocrine systems. 

    Healing happens when you understand the connection between your body, mind, and soul – and have effective tools to help you work with that.

    Maybe you’re putting a ton of pressure on yourself. Maybe you’re a bit of a perfectionist, an overachiever, or constantly critical and hard on yourself.

    Maybe you’re always trying to be “good” and do “the right thing.” Be the best mom, partner, friend, or boss.

    Maybe you’ve fallen too far off track, by not listening to YOUR SOUL and YOUR NEEDS, and taking care of YOU.

    These things effect your body – in my experience more than nutrition and exercise combined.

    Your body and mind are connected, and Western medicine does not look at that at all. (In fact, it’s the only medical system in the world that doesn’t.)

    Which is why your doctors, psychologists, and specialists fall short when it comes to relieving anxiety, depression, and chronic pain syndromes (like pelvic pain, migraines, back pain, foot pain, fibromyalgia, etc) that have a lot to do with the effect that your thoughts and emotions are having on your body, brain, immune and nervous system.

    The research over the past 10 years overwhelmingly shows that this is true, but it takes time for a system to change. 

    The good news is that you CAN heal. Up until now you’ve just been missing this big piece of the puzzle.

    My passion is empowering women to relieve anxiety, chronic pain, and other chronic health issues, and reclaim radiantly healthy joyful lives, by helping them understand how their body, mind, emotions, and soul are connected (aka the mind/body connection) and giving them the tools they need to get back in balance. 

    I’ve healed from anxiety, depression, migraines, fatigue, recurring infections, and pelvic pain myself and understand how chronic health issues can affect every aspect of your life. I’ve helped 1000s of women heal through my programs and coaching. I know how to help you find relief and take your life and your healing back into your own hands.

    If you are ready to get to the root of what’s going on, relieve pain and anxiety, and transform your health and your life,  I would love to help you! 

    I’ll walk you through 10 steps that lead to lasting relief from anxiety and chronic pain…


    The most powerful and effective tools to help you start relieving your pain. You’ll learn how to get into your body, drop tension and contraction, identify and release the fight or flight response in your body, and use your mind in ways that will support, rather than hinder, your healing.

    Stop Resisting, Start Relieving

    We’ll start with the most powerful and effective tools to help you start finding relief. You’ll learn how to get into your body, drop tension and contraction, identify and release the fight or flight response, and use your mind in ways that will support, rather than prevent, your healing.

    Connect the Dots

    Mind body healing is the science behind how your thoughts and emotions create symptoms like anxiety and chronic pain. You’ll learn the physiological mechanisms and the connection between your life experiences and your symptoms, helping your doubting mind believe you can heal.

    Identify and Overcome Your Healing Blocks

    We will identify the thought patterns and personality traits that are contributing to your symptoms and preventing you from relieving anxiety and pain. You will learn how to release self-doubt and criticism, and transform your healing journey into a process of self-discovery filled with kindness and curiosity. Your relationship to yourself and your pain will begin to transform to one that will support your healing.

    Trust and Become Friends with Your Body

    As a result of past experiences and trauma, we learn to dissociate from our body and not trust it. Shifting your relationship with your body is essential to healing so you’ll learn how to trust your body, as well as how to stay present with sensation and feel safe inside your own skin. You will discover learn how to hear and interpret your body’s wisdom, and start loving, trusting and appreciating it again.

    Access the Healing Power of Your Emotions

    Your emotions are a gift. You will learn how to welcome, feel and process your emotional energy in ways that will allow you to relieve the pain and anxiety caused by repressing it, access it’s valuable guidance, and use it to create the life you truly want to live!

    Get to the Root of Your Symptoms

    Together we will explore the effects of current stressors, past experiences, and trauma on your body. We will discover the root issues that are underlying your pain so that you can understand their effects, begin healing them, and relieve your symptoms.

    Reclaim Your Passion and Purpose

    Your physical and emotional pain are messages from your soul to STOP and listen. You may be off course in some area of your life or simply not hearing a message that your soul wants you to hear. Lasting pain relief requires finding and following your bliss, re-igniting your inner spark, and re-discovering your soul’s desires.  Despite what you may have learned from your doctor, this is actually a critical part of pain and anxiety relief.

    Make Pleasure a Priority

    Pleasure and self-love affect the body on a cellular level. They have healing power.  During your program you will begin re-connecting to your body as a source of pleasure (rather than pain).  We’ll begin rewiring those neural pathways and bringing more pleasure into your life – in baby steps. You will learn how to give your body the loving care and attention it needs to thrive so that you will be able to start feeling more pleasure in your body and your life on a regular basis.

    Reconnect with Your Sexuality

    A healthy relationship with your sexuality is a critical component of your overall health and wellbeing. Current research on women’s sexuality shows that the vagina has a fundamental connection the female brain. Your sexuality is deeply connected to your health, confidence, energy and creativity. However, many women experience shame around their vagina and sexuality and have completely disconnected from this part of their body. Get ready to reconnect!  You are going to get to know and love this amazing part of yourself so that you can tap into your intuition, creativity and feminine power – and relieve anxiety and pain!

    Maintain Your Momentum

    At the end of your program, we will celebrate how far you’ve come and create a plan for you going forward so you know the exact things you need to do to maintain your progress.

    What’s Included

    • An Initial Assessment so I can get a clear picture of you, your symptoms, life, and dreams. We’re gonna get up close and personal and get you on the road to relief.
    • Three 60 minute Coaching Sessions per month where I will lead you through the tools to help you identify old patterns underlying your pain, and transform them. You will learn how to connect to your body’s wisdom – your soul and intuition – and create true radiant health. As a SUPER intuitive coach, I will help you discover the places you are getting stuck and guide you to start trusting and understanding your body and yourself again. Your one-on-one coaching sessions can take place via phone or online (on Zoom).
    • Home Study Program You will receive full access to the Healing Female Pain Self Study Program. The tools in this course are foundational for our one-on-one work, so that when we speak privately we can focus more on what’s challenging for you, instead of spending time covering these basics. This is the key to making our private sessions the most valuable and effective for you.
    • Momentum Session. We’ll spend 90 minutes together celebrating your successes and creating a plan for your next steps so you can move forward while maintaining your new connection to your body, mind and soul.
    • Custom Homework and Practice between sessions to go even deeper. This will include exercises, meditations and reading so you can truly connect with your intuition and tap into the messages your body is sending you.
    • Priority Email Support for feedback, answering quick questions, and additional accountability. I’m here for you 100%, I know how scary this process can be and now you don’t have to go at it alone.

    Private Coaching Options

    Anxiety/Pain Relief Coaching is a highly supportive 1:1 experience to help you reclaim your body and your life, relieve your pain and anxiety and reignite your inner spark. I work with women all over the world over the phone or online through Zoom.

    Take a look at the program length options and apply for your free consultation. Once we meet, I will develop a customized program just for you. 

    This 3-month coaching option is three months of you and me working one-on-one together to help you relieve anxiety and/or chronic pain, and reclaim your life.  Together we will determine where you most need support, beginning with a solid foundation in the core tools of the program.  You will become comfortable leading your mind out of stressful thinking, finding safety in your body, allowing your emotions and accessing your body’s wisdom.  You will leave the program with a deep understanding of how your brain, nervous system, and established neural pathways create pain, and the tools you need to change that.  We will assess your triggers and cultivate a mind/body connection that allows you to heal and reclaim freedom, pleasure, and joy in your body and your life.

    Investment:  One payment of $2995 – payment plans available

    This is six months of one on one intensive support from me to get to the root of your pain and anxiety and heal the issues that are underlying it. Depending on your experience with mind body healing, this is usually the best option for lasting relief as it allows us to work through all of the steps together. In addition to everything included in the 3 month pain relief program, we will dive into reconnecting to your purpose, passion, and pleasure as well as reclaiming a thriving relationship with your sexuality. Over these 6 months, I will help you reclaim the freedom and joy that you desire and deserve in your body and in your life. 6 Month Program Participants also get this BONUS SESSION…

    SEXUAL SELF RETREAT: Your sexual energy and thriving in your sexuality, are key factors in lasting relief and optimal wellness. During this 90 minute retreat we will uncover beliefs and experiences that are keeping you disconnected from your sexuality. You will deepen your connection with your vulva and vagina and learn my favorite daily practice to allow you to access their guidance to heal your body and life. 

    Investment: One payment of $5850 – payment plans available.

    You can relieve your anxiety and chronic symptoms!

    You can feel freedom and joy in your body.

    You can create the life of your dreams.

    I can help.

    I work with a limited number of private clients a year. Space is limited. Apply for your complimentary Mind Body Relief consultation today.

    “A few weeks into the program, I found that I was no longer thinking about the pain didn’t have it anymore.”

    “I continue to use the tools to work on my social anxiety and to head off any future mind-body issues that might start to arise. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!”

    Program Participant 
    Program Participant

    “I love, love, love everything that I have learned from you and I am almost completely pain-free at this point.”

    “I have had many angels and helpful people since the beginning of my journey but I just wanted to send you a HUGE thank you for showing me this beautiful way to get out of pain. I love, love, love everything that I have learned from you and I am almost completely pain-free at this point. I feel so much more peaceful. I am aware of my soul’s presence at all times. Thank you for putting all of the pieces together for me.”


    For over a decade now, I have been teaching my Healing Female Pain Program and coaching women to help them relieve all types of chronic pain and anxiety, and reclaim pleasure and joy in their body and life, and I couldn’t love my work more!

    There is just nothing better than helping a woman reclaim her connection with her body and emotions, and as a result not only relieve pain but find so much more joy in her life! In the end, trusting my instincts and following my heart all those years ago, has led me to help other women do the same.

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