Bring In the Backhoe – When you feel like you have too much To Do to Allow

By Lorraine Faehndrich

We have learned that getting things done requires our thinking, doing and planning.  But when our action doesn’t feel good, it is disconnected from our soul and it’s not effective.  It has no power behind it.

Working when you’re disconnected from your soul is like trying to dig the foundation of a building with a teaspoon.  It feels hard, overwhelming, and like you’ll never get it done.

Our minds think the solution to this problem is to work more, work harder, and work faster.  But really, how effective is it to shovel dirt faster with a teaspoon?  The solution isn’t to work faster and harder, it’s to bring in the heavy equipment.


By doing what feels good!  When we feel good we’re connected to our soul, to our inner wisdom.  We’re accessing universal energy.  We’re using a backhoe instead of the teaspoon.

In reality this is not that easy to do. I often find myself thinking, ”If I don’t do it, who’s going to?  Dinner isn’t going to prepare itself.  The computer isn’t going to fix itself. The house won’t clean itself.  My blog post and courses won’t create themselves.”

Or will they?

I have to say, I’m a master at dropping the struggle and effort with the little things. Like when something breaks, or I have a disagreement with a friend, or my daughter has a problem I want to help her with.  With those things, I let go and allow and they almost always work out.

Easy Peasy.

But bigger things?  Not so easy.  I can look at my exponentially expanding To Do list and easily fall into I have to DOOO all this. Which is followed closely by the thought “There’s no way I can do all this.”  Followed closely by overwhelm and panic.

And shoveling away with my teaspoon.

Until I decide to stop and check in with my body, and emotions – observe and listen – without trying to change anything.  When I do that my inner guidance comes through loud and clear.

We each carry around more wisdom than all the teachers and coaches on the planet combined.  And, our guidance is unique and specific to us. And, it comes through our body and our emotions.  And when we connect to it, stuff gets done – easy peasy.

Being with your body and emotions, as they are, feels like coming home.

I spent a lot of time running away from my feelings.  I didn’t think I was, but I also didn’t really think I was supposed to have them.

And as a result, I wasn’t paying close enough attention to what was going on inside.

Yesterday my TO DO list overwhelm struck and instead of pushing to do more, I lay down and felt what was going on in my body.  I allowed it to be there and heard the wisdom that was coming through.  The message was “SLOW DOWN”.  Slow down and feel.

As counter intuitive as it seemed I decided to do just that.  I pulled out my journal to jot down my insights and in less than 10 minutes, without trying, out flowed the outline for a blog post.

I put down my teaspoon for a few minutes and the backhoe did the digging.  Easy.  Effortless. Fun.

If you’re TO DO list is threatening to take over your life follow these 3 simple steps.

1) Notice how you’re feeling.

Check in with yourself regularly and ask, “How am I feeling?”  Listen closely for the subtle feelings.  Don’t wait to be in full-blown overwhelm to notice.  Stay on top of what’s happening in your body.

2) Put down the teaspoon.

When you don’t feel good, stop.  Lie down, and observe.  Scan your body from the tips of your toes to the top of your head.  Notice every sensation.  ALLOW it to be there, allow it to move and change and flow.

3) Bring in the Backhoe.

Connect to your inner guidance.  Ask you body and your emotions how they are trying to help you.  Get specific.  Ask for guidance and directions on how to proceed.  Allow your individually tailored inner wisdom – your inner coach – to lead you to your next steps.

Follow these steps and you just may be surprised at how fast your TO DO list gets done.

As always, I’d love to hear your insights, successes and questions!


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  1. rebecca @ altared spaces

    I love the teaspoon analogy!

    • Lorraine

      Thanks Rebecca! xo

  2. Jeannette

    Lovely post, Lorraine! Kudos on finding your way to true Allowing!

    • Lorraine

      Thanks Jeanette! It does feel good 🙂

  3. Flavia

    Loved the 3 steps and how they served you in allowing.

    • Lorraine

      Thanks for reading Flavia!

  4. Karen

    Thanks so much for this insightful post, Lorraine. You’ve beautifully addressed the overwhelm-ment bugaboo, and I feel uplifted.

    • Lorraine

      You’re welcome Karen. I’m so glad you found it helpful. Thanks for reading!

  5. Amanda

    Karen, 10/11, expresses my feelings so well. “You’ve beautifully addressed the overwhelm-ment bugaboo, and I feel uplifted.”

    I missed your webinar today as I was on the phone with my brother in Johannesburg, South Africa lending emotional support. He was the target of a robbery at gun point in his car on the way to work today. This after coming off his Harley on Sunday swerving to avoid a dog. Broken leg, ribs, sternum. Also two weeks after his wife and daughter came home and interrupted a home invasion burglary. No violence at the hands of the perps in either case, thank the Universe.

    Came to the audio download right after with roiling spirit and mind. After listening, then reading the blog post, I can only express huge gratitude for this discovery. Overwhelm was an understatement beforehand given other stuff going on in my life…

    • Lorraine

      Hi Amanda.

      I’m so sorry to hear about the things your brother has been through. I’m sure you were feeling much more than overwhelm and I’m so glad that the meditation and blog post were able to offer you some comfort and relief.

      We’ll be sending out the class recording tomorrow so you’ll still have the opportunity to listen.

      Warm wishes,


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