Do this to stop worrying about your symptoms

By Lorraine Faehndrich

Do this to stop worrying about your symptoms

The next time you find yourself worrying about your symptoms, consider this…Your body is 99.9999999 percent energy.

Not physical matter, energy.

Atoms, the building blocks of your cells, are 99.9999999 percent EMPTY SPACE. 

According to Dr. Joe Dispenza in his book Becoming Supernatural, “If the nucleus of an atom were increased to the size of a Volkswagen Beetle, the size of an electron would be equal to the size of a pea. Meanwhile, the space where the electron could exist would be 85,000 square miles—that’s twice the size of Cuba.”

In other words, if an atom was twice the size of Cuba, the car and a few peas would be the only matter in that atom.

It’s all space!

The only reason that your body FEELS physical at all is because the electrons in the atoms are repelling each other. Kind of like when you try to push together the north or south poles of two magnets and they repel each other. It feels like there’s something solid there, but it’s actually an energy field.

Here’s another fun fact…

“If we lost all the space inside our atoms, we would each be able to fit into a particle of dust, and the entire human species would fit into the volume of a sugar cube.” (

All of the matter in your entire body fits into the size of a speck of dust! 


I don’t know about you, but for me that really puts symptoms like chronic pain and tension into a whole new perspective.

When there is nothing actually solid in your body, it suddenly seems a whole lot more possible to make changes.

It’s ALL energy. YOU are energy.

This is why you have the power to dramatically influence your body with your thoughts. Thoughts are also energy.

I’m not an expert in quantum physics, but I am an expert on mind body pain relief, and I do know that what we think, feel, and believe has a huge impact on our body.

I see this all the time with my own body and with my clients. 

Let’s take a minute to consider the placebo effect. Control group subjects in research studies have healed using everything from placebo medications (sugar pills) to placebo surgeries (fake surgery). They experience real physiological changes in their bodies from a placebo because they believe that they might.

Their mind impacts their body.

Science, including the study of the placebo effect, is supporting mind body healing more and more in so many fields including…neuroscience, pain science, quantum physics, psychophysiology, and mind body medicine.

For me, the whole idea of whether a symptom is physical versus “mind body” – whether it’s pelvic pain, or vulvodynia, or endometriosis, or any chronic pain or illness in the body – gets very unclear, when I think about the fact that my body is not actually physical at all. 

Your body is 99.9999999 percent SPACE.

It makes you wonder what all of those surgeries and drugs and physical treatments are actually doing, doesn’t it?

I mean are they impacting the space that is your body or are they impacting the mind?

Thoughts are energy. Emotions are energy. Your sexual energy and life force energy are obviously energy.

Working with the energy of who YOU ARE, through your thoughts and emotions… through embracing, loving, and being present with all of yourself…is what heals the body.


Ancient healers and systems of medicine know a lot more about this than we do. Our science is just starting to catch up.

Women heal pelvic pain, painful sex, vulvodynia, ic, ibs, yeast infections, migraines, back pain, endometriosis, chronic fatigue, and other kinds of pain and illness ALL THE TIME using a mind body approach.

This may be hard to wrap your mind around, but what I hope you will take away from this is that you have much more power over your health and body than you probably think you do.

Mind body healing is not “alternative” healing. In my opinion, it’s the direction medicine is headed because it works, and we’re learning more about how and why all the time. 

You don’t have to wait for the science to catch up to start playing with this idea on your own. 

Remember, we used to believe the earth was flat. 

Your body is 99.9999999 percent energy.

That energy of your body responds to the energy of your focus.

If you really knew this, what would you focus on right now?

What do you think that might make possible?

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    Clear and concise, excellent article. Thank you and keep up the great work !


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