Self Healing: What I Know for Sure after 12 years of helping women relieve pelvic pain

By Lorraine

Self healing for pelvic pain

Many years ago listening to a podcast with Dr. Bernie S. Siegel, I heard him share that the wisdom he had acquired about the body’s self healing capacity came from years of working with his patients.

What he actually said, when asked, was something like, “It just became obvious sitting day in and day out, over years with patients who were struggling with every kind of illness from heart disease to chronic pain to cancer, that something more was going on than what I had learned in medical school.”

When I heard this I had goosebumps, or what my friends and I call the ‘chill of truth’.

It was a soul knowing that this was going to be my experience too.

Here I am, 15 years later, after sitting with and listening to over a thousand women who were suffering with vulvodynia and other types of pelvic pain, chronic pain, and anxiety… share their stories, struggles, pain, joy, and desires…and helping them navigate their way to lasting relief and freedom by addressing those things in their lives, and like Dr. Siegel, there are some things that I now know for sure about self-healing.

My “chill of truth” was right on the money. (As it always is.)

So here’s what I know for sure about self-healing, and what I hope my years of experience will help you to know (or remember) too.

Maybe you will even experience a chill of truth yourself as these words wake up something deep inside of you.

What I know for sure about self healing for women’s health and pain relief.

You are your own healer.

Bodies are healing machines…when we learn how to work with them instead of against them.

While Western Medicine can be valuable and necessary sometimes, A LOT of the methods and treatments it uses work AGAINST your own innate self healing ability. Of course we can and should take advantage of the best western medicine has to offer when needed, but it’s also important to take your power back, and learn how to trust yourself and your choices. Western medicine has some big gaps in knowledge when it comes to women’s health and pain relief, along with a history of promoting treatments that have turned out to hurt women. That doesn’t mean there aren’t good practitioners and treatments available, but you NEED to trust your gut about what is right for you.

You are the captain of your own body.

It helps immensely to surround yourself with practitioners who understand the mind body connection, and reflect your own power back to you. People who trust your wisdom and self healing ability. After all you are working with a lifetime of conditioning that your body is weak, breaks easily, can’t be trusted, and contains lots of stuff you should be afraid of…and have no way of knowing about.

No one can heal your body for you, and if someone tells you that they can, or that they know more about your body than you do…run the other way, fast.

Your emotions are never wrong when you feel them in your body rather than think them in your mind.

Almost every woman struggles with the same scary thoughts and patterns of dissociating from themselves…and there are simple ways to overcome this.

Even if you don’t know it, it’s likely that you are carrying shame or protective patterns around your own emotions, pleasure, or sexuality that are blocking your energy and impacting your health.

Identifying and releasing these protective patterns restores wellbeing, energy and aliveness, relieves pain, and contributes to self healing.

Your emotional and sexual energy flow is your connection to your life force and inner wisdom, and an important keys to relieving all kinds of chronic pain and anxiety.

YOUR pleasure matters and is your fastest path to lasting healing and relief.

No matter how it may seem you are 100% whole, worthy, and complete exactly as you are. You are not broken, but you are living in a system that is…(and that has been telling you that you are your whole life.)

No matter what is going on in your body, things can get better and you can support self healing when you learn how to listen to YOU.

That’s a start.

There’s much more I’d like you to know after 12 years of sitting with women and helping them (seemingly miraculoustly) relieve pelvic and sexual pain (as well as anxiety, migraines, knee, hip and back pain, fibromyalgia, exhaustion, low libido, and more).

I invite you to browse my website and blog and download some free resources to see what resonates with you.

My mission is to empower you to reconnect to and trust yourself (above all else), to honor your truth and your joy, and as a result turn on your own body’s self healing ability.

I am dedicated to helping you create a radiant, jump out of bed in the morning, arms wide open twirling in the sun life (no matter how you feel right now).

My courses, groups, and coaching are available to help you promote self healing, but more importantly to empower you with the tools and skills you need to be the captain of your own body.

I hope you will take advantage of these time tested resources, and/or find others that resonate with you.

You’ve totally got this, and you deserve support.

No matter how bad things may seem right now, they can absolutely get better.

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