Put on your bunny slippers

By Lorraine Faehndrich

Put on your bunny slippers
This week I heard a talk by Susan Peirce Thompson, the founder of Bright Line Eating. In it, she shared that research now shows that exercise is not helpful for weight loss.

In fact, she tells her students that when they are on a diet to lose weight they should not exercise.

Instead, she said, they should “put on their bunny slippers”.

In other words, REST.

Rest as it turns out, is a much more effective strategy for weight loss than exercise because it allows your body to build up the energy it needs to do the work of weight loss.

I know that may be surprising!

Of course, exercise IS healthy, it’s just not what your body needs when it’s in weight loss mode.

So why am I talking to you about exercise and weight loss?

Because pain relief, like losing excess weight, is a healing process.

And that healing process also requires energy.

Whether you are healing from an injury or illness, healing vulvodynia or other chronic pelvic pain, healing your nervous system, and/or healing emotionally…the work of healing takes energy.

From what I’ve seen with myself and my clients, healing always happens most effectively and easily when you give yourself and your body permission to get the REST you really need to heal.

Put on your bunny slippers.

Nurture yourself.

Eat nourishing food.


Go slow.

Of course, you want to do your mind body practice, but that can definitely be done in bunny slipper mode. 🙂

The work of healing takes energy, and you deserve to give yourself and your body the rest you need to heal.

It is soooo worth it!

If you want more tips on resting, and the benefits of rest for relieving pelvic pain check out my previous posts, When Lying on the Couch is Ok, and What Nike knows about rest and productivity that can change your life

What would it look like for you if you were in bunny slipper mode today?

Can you give yourself permission to slow down and get the rest your body is asking for?


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