Morning Anxiety: Communication From Your Soul

By Lorraine Faehndrich

Morning anxiety is something many of us have experienced and it’s not uncommon at this time of year.  Sometimes, even when things are going well we can start waking up with that inexplicable familiar pit in our stomach and the desire to stay curled up under the covers, hiding from the world.

When this happens, we immediately think something is wrong.  We think it “means” something.  Yesterday we were feeling confident about our resolutions or our new business plan and now we’re afraid to get out of bed.   “What was I thinking? I can’t do this! I’m going in the wrong direction.”

We’re partly right.  Anxiety IS guidance.  But it’s not the guidance we think.  It’s not saying, “You’re doomed.  You’re doing it wrong. You’re going to fail and end up alone, broke and a miserable failure.”

Usually it’s saying ”Hey – pay attention – I’ve got some important information for you.”

Fear is not a sign that you are on the wrong path.  It is actually a sign that you are on the right path.

When you step onto the path of creating your own life….you need your intuition.  You need fear.  You can no longer rely on what others think, or how everyone else does it.  You have to be able to feel and receive the guidance from your own emotions.

Fear’s purpose is to bring us the focus, intuition, and energy we need to create our dreams.

Unfortunately the emotion usually scares us into hiding under the covers, eating, watching tv, or spinning in our minds in endless cycles of worry……

…….All to avoid feeling what’s happening in our bodies.

And the thing is, what’s happening in our bodies is GUIDANCE – of the most brilliant kind – specifically tailored to us, trying to give us the information we need to get from where we are to where we want to go.

If you are experiencing morning anxiety, celebrate!   And then listen.  Your emotional guidance system is working and ready to help you.  Here’s what you can do…..

Get into your body

Our inclination is to run from uncomfortable sensations, and for good reason.  We’ve almost all experienced traumas or really big feelings as children that we had to find ways not to feel.  We developed habits (like eating, worrying, and watching TV) that allowed us to survive in situations that we were powerless as children to change.

As adults however, we are equipped to receive this guidance and use it.  We want to allow the uncomfortable sensations and learn how to communicate with them.  The first step is to counteract our automatic instinct to dissociate from our body by consciously choosing to stay in it.

There are many ways to do this.  I take some nice slow breaths into my low belly, ground myself and imagine an energetic boundary that can contain me, and all of my emotions.  For more info on how to ground and set a boundary see Karla McLaren’s book “The Language of Emotions.”  Just slowing down and bringing attention to your body will do.


What sensations do you notice?  Name them.  Use lots of adjectives……contracted, tingly, achy, open, etc.  Pretend you’re a scientist gathering data for an experiment.  You are an objective witness.  Nothing you notice is good or bad.  Just stay with the sensations.  See what they do.  How do they want to move?  They are energy moving through your body.

Notice Your Mind

Notice your mind.  What are your stories?  Recognize that often these stories are keeping you stuck in your mind and serve the purpose of protecting you from feeling emotions that may have been very overwhelming for you as a child.  Put your mind stories in a little cartoon bubble.  You can have them back later.  Right now, your goal is to feel and communicate with your emotions and your body.


Ask your emotion these questions and any others you want to ask.  You can have a dialog out loud, in your mind, or on paper.  To do this you can imagine becoming the fear and answer the questions as if you are the fear talking.  It’s also great to have someone else ask you the questions.

  1. How are you here to help (your name)?
  2. Do you have a message for (your name)?
  3. How can (your name) specifically implement this guidance?

Last week I was experiencing morning anxiety.  I had a conversation with my fear and learned that it was time for me to focus more specifically on what I’m creating in my business.  I learned that It’s time for me to dig in, create a plan and take charge of steering this ship in the direction I want it to go. (Stay tuned for some really fabulous classes and new offerings!)  My fear wanted me to know that I had created some fast moving energy and that it was time for me to get consistent and more deliberate about directing it.  I asked how to do this and was guided to sign up for a local business class and to get up every morning to journal and meditate – with the intention of directing my energy.

I’ve implemented that guidance and am back to jumping out of bed in the morning, eager for the day ahead.

You may be skeptical (I was!) but trust me….You will love starting a dialog with your emotions!  Every moment of every day you have all of the wisdom and guidance you need coming through your body.  It’s time to stop running from it and get on the same team.  What is your fear telling you?  How about your sadness or your joy?  Be curious.  Be playful and you will be amazed by how utterly brilliant you are!

Anxiety is your friend.  If you let it it will keep you on course to your best most radiant life.

What is your morning anxiety telling you?

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  1. Lisa

    Great post. Simple and effective tools.

    • Lorraine

      Thanks for reading Lisa. Glad you like the tools!

  2. Libby

    this is such an excellent article! thank you so much

    • Lorraine

      Hi Libby. You very welcome. Thank you for reading! I’m so glad you found it helpful!


  3. Francesca

    This is completely great. I’ve written out a summary of the process & will print out the post itself. The wording resonates so deeply & serves as a great reminder that I am on the right track with mind-body healing, I just need to keep going deeper & implementing the clarity & insights I gain from within!

    • Lorraine

      Wonderful Francesca! Yes. I’m glad to hear you’re on the right, listening, and going deeper. Implementing the insights you gain from your emotions is transformational on every level. Thanks for sharing. Warmly, Lorraine


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