Make Peace With Where You Are: Desire + Detachment = Magic

By Lorraine Faehndrich

Make peace with where you are.  It’s the first rule of successful manifesting. Before you try to create anything you want, make peace with not having it. Drop your need. This of course, is easier said than done. Especially when what you want to create is something that’s really important to you – like a healthy pain free body, financial abundance, or a life partner.

I have had many experiences of manifesting that felt like pure magic.

It happens whenever something I kinda want shows up unexpectedly and I really don’t think I will get it – so I don’t try – or more accurately, I try with a really playful attitude. Like the time I wanted to take an outrageous workshop that was totally out of my budget. I was giddy at the idea of taking it.  But, I wasn’t attached.  There were lots of other wonderful things in my life. I didn’t need it. I decided that if the money showed up in the next couple days I’d do it.  If not, no biggie.  Then I totally dropped it. Within 3 hours I received the money from a completely unexpected source that had no idea I wanted the money or the workshop.  WooHoo! This is not a fluke or unique example.  Things like this happen regularly in my life when I’m detached. Desire + Detachment = Magic

So, the big question is…..How do we get detached when we actually are attached?

How can we feel playful about manifesting health when we’re not healthy,  relief when we’re in pain, love when we’re alone, or money when we can’t pay the bills? I know from experience, no matter how many hours you spend visualizing, acting as if, scripting, and repeating affirmations, you are repelling what you want until you make peace with not having it. Even better, if you can CELEBRATE not having it. Until what you want is total gravy.  You can take it or leave it.  You know you are just great either way. A participant in one of my workshops recently asked if people who were masters at creating could manifest specific things that they felt attached to creating. And the light bulb went on for me.

People who are masters at creating aren’t attached to manifesting anything. They are masters at dropping their attachment.

How is this possible? Because they know that they already ARE everything they need.  They are connected to all that is.  They are pure love.  In that place, you can completely, totally, 100% trust and let go.  You don’t need anything, and so you have nothing to lose. I can hear you thinking, “Yeah right!  That’s fine for an enlightened master (like Jesus or Buddha).  But how could I ever feel like that?  I could never let go of my attachment to things like losing weight, getting rid of pain,  or having a roof over my head.” Yes you can.  No matter where you are, it absolutely is possible for YOU to have a deep down feeling in your bones that you are absolutely safe, loved, and connected to all that is no matter what. Because YOU ARE. It just takes practice, practice tuning into the magic and oneness that are all around you, all the time. I can’t say I fully understand it.  But I know that it’s true, because I’ve felt it.  And, I bet you have too, at least once.  At some moment of utter connection with yourself, or nature, or someone you love. LOVE.

It’s all about practicing connecting to love.

Not romantic love.  BIG LOVE.  God love.  The love that YOU ARE. Until you know that YOU ARE LOVE and that your safety comes from connecting with yourself and your intuition and your ability to navigate in a magical world, there is no way you can manifest anything you really want.

Because what you want is that connection to YOU.

And until you KNOW that you will feel needy, and when you feel like you need something…. Yup.  You push it away. Which really is the biggest blessing going.  Because it forces you to connect to the love that you are – or suffer. So, how do you make peace with where you are?  You tune into who you are and start following your heart and joy and intuition.  You make discovering yourself your priority. You question your stressful thoughts and you welcome your emotions as guidance.  As you do this, you realize that you already are everything you need. And then you’ll be able to create anything you can imagine, and it will be fun! Why? Because you’ll be playing. And the universe loves to play……Just ask the dolphins.

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  1. jennifer arnold

    Hi Lorrraine – this is really good info – It is exactly as you say – I am just experiencing this as I record a song – i realized that I was trying too hard – I should speak/sing the words with as little energy out as possible, and as much inside me as I could, and the result is beautiful. I think that as an aritst, we get to practice these energy elements in music and art – vibrations and light waves, and experience the recorded results – and thus more easily play with it – as you say, with the dolphins, and so of course, then translate into my life experiences, relationships with others, and myself – I want to try to play within my own being – your work is excellent – and also the look of the page and your photo is really wonderful – I am going to send this over to a friend as well

    • Lorraine

      Hi Jennifer. Thanks so much for reading and for passing this along! Yes! I love your insight. Because music is vibration (well everything is, but with music it is easier to feel the vibrations) it is really a great medium to practice in! I have the same experience with my business. When I play, not only do I have more fun and get more done, but everything is more effective. Trying energy really jams things up! I love playing with all these ideas too.

  2. Sanjna Iyer

    I have bookmarked your page.
    I found it very helpful.
    Keep writing on detachment.



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