The Surprising Benefits of Breast Massage

By Lorraine Faehndrich

Today I wanted to share with you one of my absolute favorite practices for optimal health, pleasure, and overall well being for women…self breast massage.

I have been practicing breast massage a few times a week for the past year, and it has completely transformed the way I feel in and relate to my body.

Not only does breast massage offer significant health benefits, it is a wonderful way to rewire negative cultural conditioning around your breasts, foster greater self-love and acceptance, and experience more pleasure in, and enjoyment of, your amazing female body.

Which is especially helpful if you’re suffering with pelvic or sexual pain.

Not only that, breast massage can help your body heal.

In fact, regular breast massage is a foundational practice for better orgasms (including non-genital centered full body orgasms), and a powerful tool to help heal pelvic pain (and experience more intimacy, pleasure, and connection while you do).

Your Breasts Are The Gateway to Your Heart

According to Taoist philosophy, a woman’s breasts are connected to the energy of her heart.

Connecting to, loving, and massaging your breasts opens your heart. This is a powerful way to open up your emotional energy and allow it to flow.

(If you haven’t already, you can read more about the importance of feeling emotions to heal pelvic and sexual pain, in my blog post “Emotions, The Missing Link to Relieving Vulvodynia and Pelvic Pain” here.)

But not only can breast massage help emotional energy flow, because the heart and pelvis are energetically connected, opening your heart allows your sexual energy to flow in your body the way it is meant to flow – from your pelvis up to your heart.

“When you open a woman’s heart, you open her vagina.” ~ Kim Anami

If your heart is closed, this energy gets stuck, or stagnant, in your pelvis.

Stuck sexual energy can cause a lot of problems.

According to Chinese medicine, stagnant energy is at the root of pelvic and sexual health issues like pelvic pain, yeast and bladder infections, cysts, low libido, and menstrual cramps.

One simple way to open up this energy flow is through breast massage.

Breast massage opens your heart, which allows your sexual life force energy to flow freely from your pelvis to your heart and the rest of your body.

According to Taoist teachings, this fresh free-flowing energy leads to radiant health.

When’s the last time you gave your breasts some love?

So many women only think about their breasts in negative ways, judging how they look or checking them for medical reasons and worrying about cancer.

Choosing to love and care for your breasts, to experience them as a source of energy and pleasure, is a radical and empowering choice.

And a powerful stand for your health.

How to Do a Simple Breast Massage

The most important part of a breast massage is to simply be present with your breasts, and breathe.

As always, listen to your body. Don’t do anything that doesn’t feel good, and feel free to modify and adapt this massage to feel absolutely delicious to you.

You can massage over your clothes (after taking off your bra), or directly on your skin, using a natural organic skin-friendly oil. I love to use unscented organic almond or coconut oil.

Start by holding your breasts, one in each hand, as you support them and breathe in and out through your heart.

Notice how your breasts and your heart feel. Bring your awareness into your breasts. What sensations do you feel there? Take your time and be present.

Next, bring a smile to your face and send the energy of that smile down to your heart and breasts, allow your heart and breasts to fill up with love as you breathe.

You’re going to use the palms of your hands for the massage.

Using both hands, one on each breast, begin by massaging down on the outside, up on the inside. Move slowly and continue breathing into your heart. This is a releasing direction. It will clear anything that needs to be cleared. Massage in this direction 5-8 times (or longer if it feels good).

When you’re ready, switch directions. Massage up on the outside, and down on the inside. This is an energy-building direction; it brings love and aliveness to your breast. Massage in this direction 5-8 times, or longer if it feels good. (Note: because this direction can increase whatever is already in the breasts, don’t massage in this direction if there is anything unhealthy in your breasts.)

Now hold your breasts again, and breathe. What sensations do you notice in your breasts now? What sensations do you notice in the rest of your body?

Gently shake your breasts for a minute or so, take a few deep breaths, and then stop and hold them again.

When you’re done, smile into your heart and breasts. Send them your love and appreciation.

A breast massage can be done as an energy massage as well. If you’ve recently had surgery or a mastectomy and are still healing, move your hands just above your breasts without touching them. You can also do an energy massage if you are breastfeeding, or your breasts are sore, or you don’t want to do a physical massage for any other reason. Simply imagine energy flowing from your hands and into your breasts and massage them in the same way with that energy.

If emotions come up while you’re massaging your breasts (and it’s likely that they will), slow down, stay present, and take the time to allow your emotions to flow. Remember flowing energy is healthy energy. This applies to emotional energy as well as sexual energy. You can read more about how to feel emotions here.

I recommend practicing breast massage at least 3 times a week, or more. Try it in the morning before you get out of bed. It can be a wonderful way to connect to your body, open your heart, and allow your energy and emotions to flow before you start your day.

I think if you give it a try, you’ll find that over time, regular self breast massage can not only feel good, it can open and heal your heart, transform your relationship with your breasts and body, leave you feeling more at home inside your own skin, and contribute to pelvic and sexual health.

If more women were connecting to their breasts and body in this loving way, we would start a revolution.  

A revolution of women feeling empowered around their health and their body, and experiencing more well being, energy, pleasure and self-love (and less pain!).  

Now that’s really something worth doing.

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  1. Stephanie Yeager

    I really need to get back to doing this. I practiced it regularly when I thought I might have breast polyps. I felt such great circulation in my boobs, it felt awesome!

    Lorraine, I wonder if you’ve seen this:

    And what you think about it… if you written anything on it. Love!

    • Lorraine

      Hi Stephanie. I love hearing that you had a positive experience with breast massage. It is so great for circulation and energy flow. Thank you for sharing.


  2. Jill Ewing

    I love this!
    Thank you



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