You are the Expert on You

By Lorraine Faehndrich

Have you ever struggled making decisions about whether or not to use a particular treatment to help relieve your pain?

My clients ask me all the time whether or not they should use a certain supplement, diet, or medical treatment to help them relieve pelvic pain.

My answer is always the same.

I can’t tell them whether they should take a certain herb or vitamin, follow a specific diet, go for PT, or explore any other treatment.  What I can do is help them find that answer inside themselves. And in my experience, that is the only way to find what will be effective for you.

There is not one effective way to relieve pelvic pain.

No expert, myself included, can make a good decision for you about what is right for your body without your input.

  • Not your doctor
  • Not a therapist or psychiatrist
  • Not a PT
  • Not a nutritionist
  • Not an acupuncturist
  • Not a mind body coach!

The most important information about what is right for you, and how to integrate the different methods of healing successfully for your body…has to come from YOU – and more specifically from your body.

If something doesn’t feel right for you, no matter what an expert says, or how good it sounds, it very likely isn’t!

On the other hand, if it does feel right, it probably is! 

And that is different for every single woman.

YOU are the expert on YOU.

I can’t tell you how many women I’ve worked with who have been injured by or gotten worse from treatments that they tell me they KNEW all along were not right for them.  But they did them anyway, and sometimes continued doing them for long periods of time, against their own instincts, because they were afraid to speak up or question an expert, or because they “trusted” their provider over themselves, or they just didn’t know what else to do.

Which makes sense because as women, we’ve been trained out of honoring the wisdom inside ourselves – our instincts and our gut feelings.  And, when it comes to health, we’ve all been taught that the experts know better than we do.

They don’t.

The truth is, no matter how much experience or knowledge an expert has, no matter what their success rate or how good their recommendations seem to be…

It’s important to run their guidance by your gut.

You have to factor in the information your body is giving you if you want to relieve your pain.

Most women have a sense of what’s right for them when they pay attention to their body. They may not trust it right away, but the more they ask, the clearer the answers get.

Right now, if you’re overwhelmed or struggling with any decisions, about treatments or anything else, tune into your body to get a sense of what it’s telling you.

What happens in your body when you consider different options? Does it feel open and relaxed? Do you get a slight feeling of excitement or peace? Or, does your body tense up or feel heavy?

Your gut feelings matter.

They not only matter, they are critically important.

Yesterday on a group coaching call for the Healing Female Pain program, one of the women asked about taking a certain supplement that had been recommended to her. She had a long list of reasons why her mind and other people thought this would be a good idea.  But she wasn’t sure what she wanted to do and asked for my help.

I had her close her eyes, breathe into her low belly, tune into her body and then bring the supplement in question into her awareness, or imagine taking it.  Then I asked her to scan her body.

What she noticed when she did was that her throat tensed up and her chest felt heavy. Her body was clearly saying, “NO. This is not the right time to take this.”

It struck me that I could tell in her voice from the minute she asked me, that she didn’t think it was a good idea.  But, it sounded good, and other people thought she should do it. So she was doubting herself, to the point that she didn’t know she already knew.  Just like we’ve all been trained to do.

Based on years of doing this work for myself and with clients, I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that if you use a supplement or treatment that your body is saying no to, it will take you off course. It won’t help your body heal.  It may even do harm.  You may need to test that out.

And that’s fine. This is a learning process. The important thing is that you ask. Check in with your body and get clear about its opinion.  You can still make whichever choice you’d like to, and you will learn from the experience.

Start asking your body.

You don’t have to trust your body right away. You can wait until you gather enough evidence that your body actually knows what it’s talking about.

Is your body saying yes or no?

What happens when you listen to your body?

What happens when you don’t?

There are so many options – so many practitioners, modalities, and treatments to choose from to treat pelvic pain that if you’re not tuned into your body, if you’re not checking in to see what feels like a YES to you and what is a NO, it’s really easy to get confused and off course.

And then frustrated and hopeless when nothing is working!

When you discover that you can trust your body, things get really clear really fast.

Over time, you will KNOW, without a shadow of a doubt what your body is telling you.  And you will also know that listening is the only option if you want to heal, stay on your soul’s path, and live a joyful life.

One thing I’ve learned after years of helping women do this is that your body never lies. She is absolutely your best friend and guide, not only in relieving your pain….but in every other area of your life.

If you start trusting her, if you start trusting yourself over what everyone else is telling you, you may be amazed at how quickly things start working, and how good your body is at healing.

You life (and making decisions) will get much much easier.

Remember, if it doesn’t “feel” right to you it probably ISN’T, and if it does, it probably IS!

Simple but powerful wisdom to live by, especially when you’re navigating a path to pelvic pain relief.

With so much love, magic, and possibility,




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  1. Elizabeth T Patterson

    Thank you for your lesson, you confirmed what I felt before but doubted myself. Now I am sure I will ask my body.

    • Lorraine Faehndrich

      Wonderful Elizabeth! I’m so glad this confirmed you knowing and helped you to trust yourself.



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