My Story

My path to being a Mind Body Mentor + Pelvic Pain Relief Coach began about 25 years ago, and has been quite the journey!

My first career was in accounting.  I was a CPA at an accounting firm in Boston.  I was “successful” but miserable. Financially, things were great. Physically, not so much.  I was suffering with depression, anxiety, and chronic pain.  I was in and out of doctors offices and nothing helped.  I felt frustrated, desperate, and alone.  Eventually though, this breakdown led to a breakthrough and I made the decision to make some MAJOR life changes.  I quit my job and began following my heart.  I explored things that felt exciting and fun to me – like painting, drawing, counseling and psychology.  To my amazement, my health issues disappeared!

I had found the first key to true health – simply saying YES to what made my soul sing.

I got more curious.

I studied yoga and meditation, deepened my spiritual connection, changed my diet, and uncovered a deep passion for natural, holistic healing. I became a massage therapist, learned more and more about nutrition and began to understand the impact the mind has on the body. It was then that I was introduced to the Silva Method, and other healing programs that used the mind to heal the body.  I enrolled in Naturopathic College, a 4 year ND program, to continue my studies, and learned much more about the body and its innate ability to heal.  After three semesters I put my studies on hold (or so I thought) to devote myself full time to being a mom.

I threw myself into being the best mom I could be the same way I had thrown myself into learning about natural healing.  I read every alternative parenting book I could get my hands on – and applied what I learned.  Through experience, I quickly discovered that the way to be a great mom was to be truly happy myself – but now at an even deeper level.

So, I hired a coach – which, turned out to be the best thing I have ever done for myself or my family.

Along the way I learned that I had the power to create my own life and that my emotions gave me valuable guidance. (Yes!  There was a reason for emotions after all!)  I realized that I had a direct connection with my soul and intuition, and that the only thing that ever kept me from that inner wisdom was my own thoughts.  As a result, I was inspired to create my business, Creating Bliss.  I created and sold “Blisscals” (thoughts that feel good! on reusable cling decals) and started writing an inspirational blog.  As I wrote for my blog and responded to emails and questions from my customers, I discovered that my real passion was coaching others to transform their lives – the way I had transformed mine.  So, in 2010 I trained as a Life Coach with Martha Beck.

At this point in my life I was in touch with my body and emotions, aware of my thoughts, connected with my intuition and had a pretty solid handle on nutrition and natural medicine.

But, even with all of my education and experience, even with my professional training in healing and the mind-body connection….

chronic vulvar pain showed up and turned my life u p s i d e  d o w n .

It started with chronic yeast infections. I treated them holistically with acupuncture, herbs, and diet – and vibrationally (looking at how my thoughts and vibration were creating my symptoms), and after a (very long) year, I managed to get the yeast infections “under control.”

But then, the intense burning pain during intercourse began.

I kept quiet about it at first; didn’t tell my partner or go to the doctor. I felt like something was deeply and irreversibly wrong with me. I felt ashamed and somehow defective.

When I did eventually go to my doctor, she told me there was “nothing wrong with me,” that there was “no reason” for my pain. I asked for a referral to a gynecologist, who ran some tests, and also told me there was “nothing wrong with me.”

There was definitely something wrong.

At this point, the pain was affecting everything in my life.  I couldn’t wear jeans, I avoided intimacy of any kind, it hurt when I exercised or sat too long, it started hurting all the time.  

My gynecologist suggested A YEAR of heavy duty antibiotics.  After I had just gotten over a year of chronic yeast infections. All I could think was, “Really? There is NO WAY, I am doing that.”

I felt scared. Alone. Hopeless. I was afraid that I would never get better and that my relationship would crumble.

And that is when I decided to stop searching for answers outside myself and use the wisdom I had accumulated over the past 17 years.  

I decided to TRUST my body.

I got quiet and asked it to tell me what it needed.

And it answered.

My body showed me how I had been ignoring myself and putting everyone else’s needs first.  It showed me how scared I was of expressing my true desires (sexually and otherwise). It guided me to places that still needed healing, including the effects of sexual abuse I had experienced as a child.

I allowed my body and my symptoms to lead.

As I listened, my symptoms began to improve.

Eventually, I found my way to a pain-free body and a much deeper connection to myself, my power, my sexuality, and my joy.

In 2011, I was certified as a Martha Beck Life Coach and found myself regularly attracting women who needed help healing their bodies.  In 2012, I  learned about Dr. John Sarno and his mindbody approach to relieving chronic back pain and other Tension Myositis Syndromes (aka TMS or Mind Body Syndrome), and was endorsed as a mind body coach.  I was thrilled to discover how Dr Sarno’s work (and the work of many other mind body doctors) confirmed my own experiences with healing and with helping my clients heal….that the physical body was inextricably linked to the mind and emotions.  That the key to lasting relief and radiant health, is within us.

Throughout this time I continued to attract women with pelvic pain into my practice.  As I coached them, I learned that the chronic burning pain I had experienced had a name.  It was real – and other women were suffering with it.  And because of my own experiences I was able to help them relieve it.

And the rest is history……

For the past six years I have been helping women relieve all types of chronic pelvic pain and I couldn’t love my work more.

I am so grateful to be doing the thing in the world that I know I am meant to be doing.

Grateful that I trusted my instincts all those years ago, and that in the end they led me to helping other women do the same.

I would love to help you too!

I know what you’re going through.  I know how deeply pelvic pain affects your life, your confidence, your sense of safety in the world, and your sense of self as a woman.   I also know that relieving the pain and anxiety, healing your body, reclaiming your life, and accessing your full feminine power – your radiance and joy – is absolutely possible – and I would love to help you do it!

Are you ready for real, lasting relief?

Let’s get started.


What women are saying…….

“I feel like my life is being saved and I am beginning to see truth that was completely hidden from my awareness. Thank you, thank you! I wish I could give you a big fat bonus. As a person who basically thinks and talks for a living, I know you are putting in way more effort and value than your clients could contemplate.”

“Lorraine’s knowledge and her true love of helping women with pelvic pain blew me away. As it’s such a personal topic, I never felt embarrassed or ashamed of the situation I have got myself into. She really made me see there is healing for me and to transform into the butterfly.”


Lorraine Faehndrich is a Women’s Health Coach and Mentor specializing in the relief of Female Pelvic and Sexual Pain.  Her mission is to not only help women relieve their pain, but to connect to their purpose and passion, create radiant health, and live outrageously joyful lives.  She lives in Ithaca, NY and offers private coaching and mentoring to clients all over the world via phone and skype.  Contact Lorraine