The Surprising Anti-Treatment for Pelvic Pain and More: 3 P’s of Pain Relief

By Lorraine Faehndrich

treatment for pelvic pain

Are you making time for the 3 Ps of pain relief?

These 3 P’s are the keys to not only lasting relief from and treatment for pelvic pain, anxiety, and other chronic pain, but to reclaiming your life.

It’s very easy when we’re in pain or experiencing anxiety or other chronic health issues to become so focused on finding what’s wrong and how to fix it that we unintentionally reinforce our pain by giving it constant focus and attention – and neglecting important aspects of our health.

Most people turn to their doctors, PTs, nutritionists, and maybe even yoga, meditation, and exercise as treatment for pelvic pain and other problems to help them relieve the pain and heal thier body, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Those experts can give us valuable input. But medications, surgery, nerve blocks, and even diet, exercise and meditation are not the real keys to radiant health.

The truth is that all of these things put together pale in comparison to the impact that the 3 Ps can have on our body, our nervous system, pain pathways in our brain, hormone balance, muscle tension, blood flow, nutrient absorption and assimilation, and emotional wellbeing.

It’s one thing to focus on how to fix what’s out of balance. It’s another thing to get to the root of what’s going on and flood health and wellbeing into your body and your life.

It’s the difference between digging a foundation with a teaspoon and using a bulldozer.

No comparison.

The Surprising Anti- Treatment for Pelvic Pain and More

If you’re approaching healing your body with medical and alternative treatments (no matter how holistic) you’re missing a HUGE piece of the radiant health and lasting relief puzzle.

The REAL keys to pain relief and optimal health and wellness are…

  • Purpose
  • Passion
  • And Pleasure

No matter what your symptoms are or how long you’ve had them, turning your attention to purpose, passion, and pleasure will put you on your fastest path to not only relief and freedom in your body, but optimal health and wellbeing in your body and in your life.

If you are experiencing chronic pain or anxiety, ask yourself:

  • Are you living your Purpose?
  • Are you filled with Passion and Aliveness?
  • Are you experiencing regular Pleasure in your body?

If not you are missing a big piece of the puzzle.

If you’re thinking I don’t have time for these things I’m in too much pain, too tired, too overwhelmed, or have no idea where to start, I am here to tell you that after helping thousands of women relieve pelvic pain, anxiety, and other chronic health issues I continue to be amazed by how effective it is to get your attention focused on purpose, passion, and pleasure.

I have seen this path help women relieve chronic pelvic pain over and over and over, sometimes almost immediately.

The good news is it’s fun to explore the 3 Ps. It can add joy and ease back into your life. It connects you to you and has so many benefits outside of treatment for pelvic pain and overall pain relief , that it’s worth doing no matter what.

Baby steps.

Journaling Practice for Pain Relief

Get out your journal and use these questions to help you get headed in the right direction. Take them one at a time. These questions could keep you happily engaged in exploration for weeks…

Purpose: Am I connecting to my body’s wisdom regularly? Am I living in alignment with my soul’s purpose? Do I know what my soul’s purpose is? Am I welcoming it or pushing it aside? How can I make some time to tune in and connect to me?

Passion: Are my days filled with Passion and Aliveness? How much enthusiasm do I feel for my life, my work, and myself? How can I cultivate more passion and aliveness? What fills my heart with joy?

Pleasure: What feels like pleasure in my body? Start small – breathing, smelling flowers, rest, reading? What feels good? Make a list. Do some research. How can you make more time for simple pleasure?

The answers to these questions are your REAL keys to lasting pain relief and empowered  health and wellbeing.

And you don’t have to relieve your pain to get started on any of this.

It’s the other way around.

You’ve had the power all along.

I’m here if you need help!

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