My finding your way class is underway and I have been blessed with such a wonderful group of open, curious, playful and powerful women to work with!

They are cruising!

Here is a question that cam up in this group and that is often an issue for my clients.

How can I practice _______________(self care, starting a business, doing things I love, being a wayfinder, whatever you don’t have time for) if I’m really busy!

I love this question.  And my main answer is “How can you not?”

Can you say more about your specific situation and what your schedule is like?  Then I will help you brainstorm ways to fit it in.

In the meantime, my hunch is that, while I’m sure you ARE very busy (especially as a mom!),  the thought that there isn’t enough time to practice is actually resistance on the part of your mind to letting go into wordlessness.  Your verbal brain is hanging onto it’s idea that it knows best how to run the show.  That is overcome with

1.  practice – starting with very short periods of time if you need to.

2.  questioning the thoughts that you are believing.

3.  lots of information that will relax your verbal mind into letting go – information that proves that you could actually be more effective and productive if you start accessing your non-verbal mind.  Martha’s book is great for this!  Maybe having the audio version so you can listen while you’re working?

So, for instance, think about the possible answers to this question…….

“How can you NOT practice wordlessness when you are extremely busy?

I’m so curious to hear what you come up with!


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