Discover Your Most Radiant Sexual Self

Experience Your Full Potential for Pleasure and Enjoy Sex More…even after pelvic pain, trauma, or menopause.

Do you struggle with pain, shame, guilt or numbness around sex or self-pleasure?

Have you found yourself avoiding sex or intimacy due to fear, stress, or lack of desire?

Do you feel like sex should be something more…more sacred, more connected, more pleasurable?

Have you felt like you’re missing out or like a part of you is broken?

Whether you are experiencing anxiety or discomfort around sex, healing from chronic female pain, or feeling broken because you no longer desire or enjoy sex — you can learn how to fill your life with the magic of pleasure, intimacy, and sensuality.


Reclaim Your Sexual Self

The Mind Body Program for Unlocking Orgasmic Pleasure, Sensual Aliveness, and Radiant Self-Love for Women


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This transformative program is the pleasure-based empowered sex education you always should have had … delivered in a supportive community of amazing women where you’ll get to connect, have fun, and heal while learning more about your most extraordinary self.


.…for your health, your life, and your pleasure (and great sex too!)

In this 6 week program, you’ll:

Unlock the keys to sensual aliveness and sexual pleasure in your body.

Identify and transform negative beliefs around your sexuality

Ditch discomfort, numbness, and burning during sex

Discover the secrets to full-body, heart-expanding, mind-melting orgasms at every age - even if you’ve been unable to achieve orgasm in the past

Embrace your vulva and vagina in a new, positive, healthy and empowering way.

Understand female arousal anatomy and discover what brings your body pleasure.

Cultivate deep self-love and feeling safe and at home inside your own skin.

And so much more...

I have developed a completely new relationship with myself, my body and my sensuality.

“Working with Lorraine was like walking into a calm oasis to deal with something that I had great anxiety about. Her wisdom comes from that fact she is teaching through what she has experienced in her own body and also what she has learnt from her teachers. She is very well prepared, the course materials are excellent and her kindness and warmth help in working with emotions and resistance. I feel like I have developed a completely new relationship with myself, my body and my sensuality.” – Deepa, Westbourne, UK

About Lorraine

Hi I’m Lorraine Faehndrich, Women’s Pelvic Health and Pain Relief Coach and the creator of the mind body pain relief program Healing Female Pain.

In addition to healing pelvic pain and sexual trauma myself, over the past 13+ years I have helped hundreds of women all over the world heal pelvic and sexual pain, rediscover pleasure, reclaim a healthy positive relationship with their sexuality, and go on to live  joyful and radiantly healthy lives.

…I know without question that all of this is possible for you too, and I would love to help.

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