Living In Your Power 101 – How to live an expansive, juicy, outrageously blissful life

By Lorraine Faehndrich

Did you know that a juicy life doesn’t just happen?  You have to decide to create one.  And, more importantly, if you want to live a juicy life you have to be living in your power to do it – which means you have to identify the areas in your life where you are giving your power away and take it back.   The way to do this is to take responsibility for your thoughts, your feelings, and the results you are getting – always.  Your power lies within you – Only WITHIN YOU.  Any and all attempts to control, convince, manipulate or otherwise change your external reality are futile and ultimately will diminish your power and your joy.  It’s like wasting your time trying to fix a toaster when there’s no electricity.  The problem isn’t the toaster.  It’s that there is no electricity to make it work.

Deliberate creators often get hung up here.  We know the drill.  We know we’re attracting what we’re vibrating, but it’s just not always easy to take on 100% responsibility.  I know it’s hard.  Your mind is used to rattling off all kinds of thoughts that will prevent you from doing it, but until you decide it’s ALL you – not mostly you, not all you except when _______ , ALL YOU – you are not living fully in your power. Imagine what you could create if you did!

You can always tell when you’ve given your power away because every time you do you
feel crappy!  We have a tendency to want other people and circumstances to change when that happens.  But when you feel bad emotionally your thoughts are responsible for your pain, and the ONLY person who can change it is you.   In fact, the shocking truth is that when you allow someone else to change in order to make you feel better, you become more dependent on them and over time you will feel less and less empowered and less in touch with your own joy.

This is an incredibly hard lesson to learn and apply because there is relief in getting someone else to change to make you feel better.   But the bottom line is……If you want to feel absolutely amazing and free and powerful and in love with yourself, and create what you want in your life, the only way to do that is to take responsibility for how you feel, stop all attempts to get anyone to change anything,  and change your own thinking.  I know it seems impossible sometimes.  I’ve been there!

Last month my boyfriend and I broke up because I was feeling (well thinking really) that he would never fully commit to me.  I did lots of work on my thoughts and lots of scripting and pivoting and still I couldn’t get past the thought that our relationship wasn’t moving forward.  And believe me, I had lots of great evidence that it wasn’t going to and most of it was about him. So, in as loving a way as I could, I let go.  The weeks that followed were not easy.  But, the pain I felt over the break up was interspersed with moments of total freedom, clarity, empowerment and love.  And, I noticed that how I felt (whether it was desperately unloved and unwanted, or joyful, juicy, and eager for the opportunity before me) was solely dependent on my thinking.

Are there any areas in your life where you are feeling less than good or possibly even crappy?  Is there someone you are upset with that you want to change?  These are places in your life where you are letting your power drain away and you have an amazing opportunity to step more fully into the unlimited being that you are.  I’m going to let you know exactly how to do that in this series of posts.   For now, notice the places where you are giving your power away to the people and circumstances around you – and notice how it feels.  If you feel inspired to, please share what you notice here.  This journey is so much juicier when we take it together.

Love, bliss, and juiciness,



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  1. sonya

    Lorraine, this post is so powerful. Welcome home.

    • Lorraine

      Thanks Sonya for the sweet comment – and your encouragement to keep writing! xo


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