Living In Your Power 101 – How to live an expansive, juicy, outrageously blissful life – Part 2

By Lorraine Faehndrich

Step #1 to Live In Your Power: Live by this motto….”There is no one else out there.  IT IS ALL ME.”

It is all you.  Every little bit of what you experience is not only a reflection of your inner state it IS you.  In order to create what you want you have to make all changes at the source – within yourself.   When you think someone else has to change in order for you to feel better you are giving your power away and it FEELS CRAPPY to give your power away!  It will eventually make you feel dependent and weak even if you get what you want.  When you believe that what you need to feel good comes from outside of you, you are disconnecting from who you ARE – ahem, GOD.

What if the next time you feel crappy you see it as an opportunity to learn how to step into your power? Rather than thinking about how to fix the reality you’re living in, how to get someone to do what you want them to do, or change a situation that you feel powerless over, just drop it.  That’s it.  Just drop it.  Drop all attempts to communicate, manipulate, strategize, demand, etc.  Come back to yourself. …and breathe.  Can you feel the relief in that?

Decide to take responsibility for your feelings and not pin them on someone else.  That’s the only way anything in your life is ever going to change.  I mean really, how long have you been feeling this way in one form or another throughout your life?  When’s the first time you remember feeling this way? Is this situation really making you feel these feelings or have they been in you since you were very young?  What if your feelings have been there all along and you are creating the circumstances in your life in order to feel them? Why?  Because that’s how you’re used to feeling.  That’s how you learned to adapt to the environment you grew up in.  I know this is so contrary to what most people learn that it is hard to accept.  But really, I promise you, this is your chance to learn how to manage your thoughts and feelings, to learn about yourself, to make a change in a way that will change all your future experiences, to learn that you get to decide how you think and feel no matter what!

When you are able to change your own feelings without changing your circumstances you will fall in love with yourself.  The first step is to recognize that this is possible and put all of your attention where it’s going to be effective – on you!   Get out your journal and write.  Go for a walk.  Notice your thoughts and feelings and be with them.  Welcome them in.  You might feel hurt or angry or frustrated or betrayed.  Write it down.  Notice how your thoughts are contributing to your feelings.  Accept and welcome it all.

In my case, I made a decision to drop all thoughts that had anything to do with my ex being wrong as soon as I noticed them.  It was not easy!  When they came up, I replaced them with “I am taking responsibility for how I feel now”.    How I was feeling wasn’t his fault.  He could not behave in any way that wasn’t a match to my vibration.   I also decided to keep loving him no matter what, which was a decision to keep loving myself (remember, It’s all me).  When you recognize that your creation IS YOU, you will find it much easier to love it.  Try it.  You’ll notice that loving feels so much better than blaming or criticizing.   I didn’t take action I just sent  loving thoughts and imagined sending light.  I felt instantly free and back in my power – before I changed one other thing – just from letting him off the hook.  The time I had spent blaming, asking, demanding, criticizing, wishing, and hoping was draining my energy and not getting results. Putting my attention on my ex was in effect abandoning myself.  It felt so soothing to let go and be with me.

Think of someone or something in your life that you are unhappy with and hoping will change.  Can you stay in your power?  Can you acknowledge that this person or circumstance is you and make the decision to let them off the hook? Can you send love recognizing that you love yourself when you do? Try it and notice how it feels.  Fear may come up but just tell yourself that for right now you’re doing an experiment in taking responsibility for how you feel. If it doesn’t work, well, no biggie.  You can always go back to how you did things before.  I’d love to hear your feedback and experiences and please ask any questions you have!

Love and Bliss,



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  1. Houkje

    Love this Lorraine. I am stepping into my power and out my story. 🙂

    • Lorraine

      You go girl! I’m so glad to hear it. Thanks for commenting! xo, Lorraine

  2. Marcelle McGoddess

    After 2 weeks of being with my husband 24/7 since he retired from his old job and way of life, I realized that I am exhausted because I have been giving my power away…and so today I chose to take a break to find my balance and somehow found my way to this delicious post and am so happy that I did! I love how you make it all sound so simple and easy…just let him off the hook…it is all me reflecting me…step out of the story and just relax into what is…and so today, in this moment I am shifting my focus and BEING in the flow of my creative power again 🙂
    much love and many thanks

    • Lorraine

      That’s so great Marcelle! Glad to hear you’re back in your creative power. You are one powerful creator! xoxo

  3. Michelle

    This is great stuff and proves to me that I have been doing it wrong for 60 years. Now is my chance to finally get it right.

    • Lorraine

      Hi Michelle. Thanks for your comment! Remember though that you never get it wrong. Everything you’ve lived up until now has gotten you to where you are. It’s all perfect!

  4. Evelina

    “What if your feelings have been there all along and you are creating the circumstances in your life in order to feel them?”

    Powerful and scary question


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