Free Yourself from Vulvodynia and Pelvic Pain

​To Women Suffering With Vulvodynia, Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, Pain during Sex, Interstitial Cystitis, Pudendal Neuralgia, and Other Pelvic or Sexual pain…

You can relieve your pain.

Dear beautiful, amazing woman,

I know from experience that there is nothing worse than feeling intense constant pain, in the most intimate part of your body, without anything or anyone that can help you get rid of it.

I understand what it’s like when you’ve seen doctors and specialists, and tried alternative treatments and remedies without finding any lasting relief.

When you’ve spent countless hours researching and surfing the internet for answers, and still the intolerable burning and pain are there – maybe constantly or maybe in response to things like exercise, sex, walking, sitting, using the bathroom or wearing clothing.

It’s hard to think or focus on anything else when your symptoms are there. It’s draining your energy and making it impossible for you to do the things you used to love to do. The idea of having sex makes you so anxious that you have a hard time enjoying physical intimacy at all.

You’re so frustrated you want to scream!

Perhaps your mind is spinning with questions like:

“What if I’m going to feel like this for the rest of my life?”

“What if I’m never going to be able to have sex again or enjoy it if I do?”

“What if no one wants to be with me? How can I have children or take care of the ones I have?”

“What’s wrong with me? I’m letting everyone down.”

“Why hasn’t  anything I’ve tried worked for me?”

It’s an endless exhausting struggle.

Maybe you can relate?

If so, it’s likely that you’re living with anxiety or depression and an overwhelming sense of frustration and hopelessness.

On top of all of this you may feel too embarrassed to share what you’re going through with many people at all and so you feel isolated and alone.

I want you to know that…….

You Are Not Alone and it’s NOT YOUR FAULT.

Millions of women suffer with pelvic pain.

According to Web MD 8-10% of ALL WOMEN suffer with Vulvodynia. That’s roughly 68 million in North America and Europe alone!!!!

And that’s just vulvodynia. That doesn’t include interstitial cystitis, pudendal neuralgia, pelvic floor dysfunction, vaginismus, chronic vaginal and bladder infections, and other common pelvic pain syndromes. I’ve seen estimates of 1 in 3 women when you include all of these.

And I can tell you from my own experience and the experiences of my clients that there are still too many doctors who aren’t aware of how to treat it.

​If you’re doctor has told you “it’s all in your head”, that you’ll have to live with it, or hasn’t given you any effective solutions, you’re not alone!

​Western medicine – as amazing as it is at identifying and treating acute conditions, injuries, infections, etc., – falls short when it comes to the trickier chronic pain syndromes and other chronic symptoms – like vulvodynia, interstitial cystitis, pain during sex, pudendal neuralgia, chronic yeast infections, irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia, and other chronic symptoms anywhere in the body.


Because western medicine sees your body as a machine.

Your body is not a machine.

​​You are a Mind – Body – Spirit – Emotion system of which your body is ONE PART. These parts of you can’t be separated.

What’s going on with your thoughts, emotions, and spirit has a direct physiological impact on your body – the muscles, nerves, tissues, and other systems.

​Research supports this.

​Over the past 15 years, research in the fields of neuroscience, pain science, psychology, and mind body medicine; provides evidence of the significant impact that our thoughts, emotions, and life experiences have on our body and health, including pain.

​True, lasting and effective healing can only come from addressing all of these aspects of who you are.

This is not a new idea.

​It’s been around for THOUSANDS OF YEARS in many different cultures. In fact, western medicine is the newest form of medicine and it is THE ONLY one to separate the Body from the Mind, Spirit and Emotions.

​Western medicine is just beginning to catch up.

What does this mean?

​It means that even though current ​medical approaches to healing may not have helped you so far, and even if other mind body healing approaches have failed you in the past…

You CAN Relieve Your Pain.

And not only relieve it, but learn how to be radiantly healthy and go on to live a rich, rewarding, joy-filled life!

You just have to learn HOW.

That’s where I come in.

Hi, I’m Lorraine Faehndrich, Women’s Pelvic Health and Pain Relief Coach. I’ve been where you are now and I can help.

​I’ve relieved my pain and over the past 12+ years have helped over one thousand women do the same.

It’s not a quick fix. I don’t have a pill or a solution that’s going to bring you instant relief.

​What I do have is a reliable, ​effective, and evidence-based program, developed specifically for women experiencing chronic pelvic and sexual pain, that will help you reconnect to your body, learn how to use your mind in healthy ways, understand and feel your emotions, and as a result calm your nervous system (including established “pain pathways”), ​relieve chronic​ stress and tension, ​and​ ultimately ​find lasting relief.

In fact, it’s the only chronic pain relief program that focuses on the unique underlying mind-body issues related to sexuality and pelvic pain for women — which is often a missing piece in lasting healing.

​But before I share all the exciting details of my program, let me tell you a little bit about who I am and why I can help you.

My Own Journey to the Other Side of Vulvodynia…

​It all started in my 20s. I left a financially rewarding career because my body was breaking down. I was exhausted, depressed, suffering with severe migraines and anxiety so intense that it was causing my heart to beat irregularly. I started exploring my passions and following my joy and my body healed. The migraines and anxiety went away. My heart regulated.

I started feeling genuinely happy.

​With such a dramatic shift in my health, I wanted to understand this connection between my mind, body, spirit and emotions and their impact on my life.

I spent years connecting to my body and my soul. I studied yoga and meditation, nutrition and naturopathic medicine. I became a massage therapist and a certified life coach and I’ve helped thousands of men and women connect to their bodies, relieve tension and pain, and discover more joy in their lives.

Along the way I learned a lot but little did I know that I would have a chance to apply it all more deeply 14 years ago when I began suffering with chronic vulvar pain.

​First came chronic yeast infections, then pain during sex, and eventually a constant burning and pain that none of my doctors could help me with, and that was not only preventing me from sitting and having sex, but from exercising, traveling, making plans, and doing everything else I enjoyed.

As my anger and despair increased​, I knew my only option was to turn inward and ask my body what it needed. I stopped and listened deeply. I heard the answers, applied what I learned, and my body healed.

The pain went away.

After that I dove deep into learning more about the connection between the mind and body, about pain science and pain pathways, about how to release limiting beliefs and the physiological stress they cause, about how to process emotions in healthy ways and calm an overstimulated nervous system, about how to reclaim pleasure and sensuality, about how to connect to your soul and discover your truth…and about how doing ALL of this RELIEVES stress, tension, anxiety, and chronic PAIN.

And, since healing vulvodynia myself and helping over one thousand women relieve every type of chronic pelvic pain, rediscover who they are, and reclaim the amazing joyful lives they deserve… I’m passionate about using what I know to help as many women as possible find freedom and relief!

​That is what I would LOVE to help you do, too!



The Mind Body Program for Relieving Vulvodynia and Chronic Pelvic Pain

​In this CUTTING-EDGE PELVIC PAIN RELIEF PROGRAM I am going to share with you the exact same steps I used myself and with 100s of private clients to not only relieve pelvic pain but create a more joyful and magical life!

But that’s not all.

​​During the program I will walk you through the tools you need to overcome worry and fearful thinking, ​release anxiety and tension, understand how your body is communicating with you, access the healing power of your emotions, and connect to your truth and inner wisdom.

After we work together you will:


Have an in-depth understanding (including the science) of how thoughts and emotions can lead to vulvodynia, pain during sex, recurring infections, pelvic floor dysfunction, interstitial cystitis, pudendal neuralgia, and other pelvic pain, AND what to DO about it so you can heal your body and relieve your pain.


Have an arsenal of simple and effective tools that will help you break the cycle of mental, emotional, and physical tension and begin relieving your pain and other symptoms NOW.


Have powerful strategies to help you stop obsessing and worrying about your symptoms (and everything else) and instead use your mind in ways that can actually heal your body!


Have a whole new perspective on your amazing body - and your symptoms.


Develop the ability to let go of the struggle and anxiety - and access hope, peace, and wellbeing.


Drop confusion and uncertainty around your treatment plan (and everything else in your life) and step into confidence in your decisions!

What Women Say About the Healing Female Pain Program

“I feel like my life is being saved….”

I feel like my life is being saved and I am beginning to see truth that was completely hidden from my awareness. Thank you, thank you! I wish I could give you a big fat bonus. As a person who basically thinks and talks for a living, I know you are putting in way more effort and value than your clients could contemplate.
– Healing Female Pain Participant

“I live most days pain free!”

First I want to say how grateful I am to have found you! You came into my life when I needed you most. I was at my wits end, exhausted by the pain and not believing that there was any way for it to end! And now, I live most days pain free! Because of this course, I realized that I would panic any time I had the slightest sensation, only making the pain worse and starting to spiral out of control.

It was affecting my life in so many ways. I could not make plans without thinking of an exit route before even walking out the door. Now, with the tools that I have learned from you, I find that I am able to be more spontaneous without even thinking about pain. Sometimes I catch myself in surprise that I will go a whole day without even thinking about my body or pain! It is an amazing feeling to rejoice in my own skin instead of trying to escape it!!

I enjoy spending time truly present with my husband and daughter instead of always worrying if I’m going to be in pain! All this being said, I know that I still have a long way to go but I know I am finally on the right path! I have only scratched the surface and I’m sure my lizard will come knocking at my door! I’m hoping to invite her in for tea and a chat instead of trying to hide from her! Again, thank you Lorraine for going on your journey so that you could share your wisdom and guidance with us! I am looking forward to staying connected!

– Kris Birmingham

“I began seeing positive results within 2 weeks…”

Lorraine’s program has absolutely given me the tools to successfully conquer my 2 year struggle with vulvodynia. I began seeing positive results within 2 weeks of starting her program. Before going through her program, I found myself in what seemed to be an endless loop of pain-frustration-anxiety-depression…..pain-frustration-anxiety-depression….I could never seem to break free from this horrible cycle. Her program truly made a difference for me and I will be using the tools she taught us for the rest of my life.
– Donna, Birmingham, AL

So what exactly will you get with the Healing Female Pain Program?

This is a tested and proven mind body pelvic pain relief program for women…that addresses the unique issues that women with pelvic pain face. The program includes the 10 module Healing Female Pain Course along with 6 months of ongoing community support.

The Healing Female Pain Program Includes:

Unlimited Access to 10 Multimedia Modules

As a lifetime member you will get access to 10 exclusive trainings that will walk you step by step through the session material. You’ll have recorded classes and a workbook for each module, along with audio exercises, videos and supplemental resources to help you not only learn these new concepts, but successfully apply and integrate them into your life! These transformational learning sessions will empower you with the tools and information you need to find lasting relief!

10 LIVE Coaching Sessions with Lorraine

These live group calls are all about giving you the consistent support you need to integrate what you’re learning in the program. I show up for you 100% to answer your questions, inspire and coach you through any places you’re getting stuck. We’ll spend time celebrating your successes, practicing the tools together, and applying what you’re learning in your life.

(Note: All calls are recorded and you can send in your questions ahead of time, so if you can’t make the live calls you won’t miss a thing!)


24/7 Community and Support

This is one of my favorite parts of this program!! I’m a huge believer in the power of women coming together in community to learn, grow and heal… because I’ve seen the amazing results over and over! In our private forum, you’ll not only be able to ask me your questions and get support with anything you’re learning, anytime during the week (no waiting a week in between classes to get the help you need to make progress).

You’ll also be able to connect with the other amazing women in the program! Women from all over the world who are going through the same pain you are (physically and emotionally), and who are learning a new empowering way to relate to their body, mind, emotions, and soul – together. This group is a very special place, and one of the reasons past participants often take the course again and again…even after they’ve relieved their pain!

I have created a space for you full of love and possibility – where you will be supported to find the relief and freedom you’ve been looking for.

Get Instant Access to Healing Female Pain Now!

Here’s what we’ll cover in each of the 10 modules…

Do Not Delete

Session 1: Make Sense of the Mind Body Approach

​Gain a deeper understanding of mind body healing and pain relief. Discover the role of your nervous system, brain, and pain pathways in creating and relieving pain. Learn how to regulate ​your nervous system so your body can heal​! Some of our topics include…

  • ​The science behind ​mind body healing and pain relief.
  • Understand your nervous system and how to work with it.
  • Turn on your healing response

Session 2: Stop Resisting, Start Relieving

What you resist persists. During this session you will learn the strategies you need to move away from resisting and towards relief, including how to stop obsessing about your symptoms!

  • Six proven strategies for overcoming obsessive focus on your symptoms so that you can decrease anxiety, relieve tension, and free up your energy for healing!
  • How and why the brain creates pain and how to use that knowledge to turn off the pain response.​
  • Develop the ability to be ​fully present with your body so it can relax.

Session 3: Overcome Your Mind’s Blocks to Healing

​Learn how to identify and overcome your biggest blocks to healing. We’ll look at perfectionism, self-criticism, self-pressure, “To do” list obsession, worry, etc., and the tools that will help you transform them.

  • Understand Mind Body balance and how to achieve it.
  • ​Rewire your brain to think thoughts that ​support your healing.
  • Learn effective methods for breaking free from perfectionism, self-criticism and self-pressure.

Session 4: Embrace Your Emotions

​Learn ​how to feel and process emotions in a way that they won’t cause pain! This is the most critical skill you need​ in order to relieve ​pain and I’m going to give you a step by step process to do it. We’ll also dive into​ specific and effective strategies for working with anger and relieving anxiety.

  • ​What ​emotions are​ and what ​they ​do.
  • How and why we ​unconsciously suppress emotion, the role of past experiences and trauma, ​and the impact on​ our body.
  • How to feel and process emotions in a healthy way – so ​they​don’t leave ​stress, tension and​ anxiety in your body.

Session 5: Listen to Your Body

​​Learn how amazing your body is, how to reconnect with it, and how to begin hearing and interpreting it’s messages – no matter how overwhelming or confusing they seem right now. Your own body will become your greatest ally in healing​ your pain, creating radiant health, and living a joyful life.

  • Understand your body’s language – how to hear and understand your body’s whispers before they turn into screams.
  • How to create safety for your brain and body so you can stay present, feel safe, and unwind your nervous system.
  • Empower your healing. How to clear confusion and make confident choices about your treatment plan and what you need to heal.​

Session 6: Access Your Emotional Guidance System

​Learn how to access and understand your emotional guidance (inner wisdom, intuition). This will not only increase confidence and self-trust, but also help you navigate your treatment decisions, increase joy, and relieve pain!

  • Access your emotional guidance.
  • Embrace your anger and its healing power.
  • Understand and relieve anxiety.

Session 7: The Daily Pain Relief Ritual

​Put everything you’ve learned together into one daily ritual for healing, relieving pain and maintaining relief.​ Learn simple and effective techniques to overcome resistance and establish a mind body practice that is perfect for you!

  • The health benefits of connecting to your soul!
  • The daily pain relief ritual
  • Overcome resistance to create a consistent mind body practice that feels good.

Session 8: Reclaim Your Vulva and Vagina

​Current research on women’s sexuality shows female sexuality has a fundamental connection to female consciousness and identity. Your pelvic bowl is not only the source of your sexual energy, but also your creativity, confidence and power. Unfortunately, as a woman living in this culture, and as a result of experiencing vulvodynia, pain during sex, chronic infections, or other pelvic or sexual pain, it is likely that you have partially or completely disconnected from your vulva, vagina and pelvic bowl. This session you will learn how to begin reconnecting. You’ll get to know and love this amazing part of your body and who you are. For most women this is a critical step in finding lasting relief.

  • Uncover and heal the impact of cultural shame on your body
  • Identify and transform negative beliefs around your vulva and sexuality
  • Reconnect with your sexual self in a new, positive, and healing way.

Session 9: Cultivate Pleasure

​This session we’re going to focus on getting pleasure and joy back into your life as part of your mind body treatment plan! Experiencing pleasure not only feeds your soul, it releases pain inhibiting neurotransmitters and accelerates healing. Unfortunately it’s one of the first things to go when you’re suffering with chronic pelvic pain or other symptoms. When we don’t experience regular pleasure the pleasure pathways in the brain literally atrophy, making it much easier for the pain pathways to take over. This week we’re adding pleasure back in.

  • The healing power of pleasure.
  • Build your pleasure muscle, pleasure research and pleasure breaks.
  • Reclaim sensual and sexual pleasure.

Session 10: Nurture Purpose, Passion, and Pelvic Health

​During this session we​ dive into purpose and passion, and how finding and living yours maintains pelvic health and wellbeing​. You’ll learn exactly how to begin exploring your passion, re-ignite your inner spark, and get on the path to your soul’s purpose (or how to stay on it in a good feeling way!) and why all of this​ relieves stress, tension, anxiety and pain.

  • How to begin exploring your passion, finding and following your bliss, re-igniting your inner spark, and re-discovering your purpose!
  • The cycle of change, ​and why NOT to get discouraged when it feels like everything is falling apart.
  • How to use your body as a compass to navigate your life and healing.

Plus, you will receive these Incredible Program Bonuses!

Bonus #1:

​The Goddess Breath

​During this practice I will teach you why it’s so important to connect to your pelvis and start transforming your relationship to this amazing part of your body… I walk you through my favorite tool to help you do it.

Bonus #2:

Success Principles

You will learn the four foundational principles that I teach all my private clients to help them relieve pelvic and sexual pain. This will set you up for success with relieving your pain and reclaiming your life!

When and Where?

Healing Female Pain is a distance learning program that can be accessed by phone or online from anywhere!

Your 10 comprehensive learning sessions including audios, workbooks, and supplemental materials will be made available each week on your private membership site beginning Friday, March 1st.


Group Calls


Session 1

Tuesday, March 5, 2024, 1PM EST

Session 2

Tuesday, March 12, 2024, 1PM EST

Session 3

Tuesday, March 19, 2024, 1PM EST

Session 4

Tuesday, April 2, 2024, 1PM EST

Session 5

Tuesday, April 9, 2024, 1PM EST

Session 6

Tuesday, April 16, 2024, 1PM EST

Session 7

Tuesday, April 23, 2024, 1PM EST

Session 8

Tuesday, May 7, 2024, 1PM EST

Session 9

Tuesday, May 14, 2024, 1PM EST

Session 10

Tuesday, May 21, 2024, 1PM EST

Can’t make the live calls? All calls will be recorded and available for you to listen to as often as you like. Ask your questions ahead of time, and then listen to the calls at your convenience.

OK Lorraine, I’m excited to get started!

What’s my investment?

My private clients invest over $5,000 to work with me for 6 months, but because I’m on a mission to help as many women as possible relieve pelvic pain, understand how to be in control of their own health, and start living the amazing lives they deserve the cost of this program is a fraction of the cost of my usual programs.

Full tuition to participate in this transformative program – including lifetime access to all 10 modules, 6 months of community support, and group coaching calls with me… is ONLY $1295 until February 29th

I am fully committed to giving you the tools, information, and support you need to finally relieve your pain. I hope you will join me!


Join Healing Female Pain today for $1295!

(or 3 monthly payments of $460)

I’m ready, sign me up!

Satisfaction Guaranteed: If you have done the work and you aren’t completely satisfied with this program, you may request a full refund until March 7, 2024. Details here.

Healing Female Pain is the only comprehensive mind body pain relief program I know of exclusively for women with chronic pelvic pain – which means that it addresses the many unique issues that women with pelvic pain face.

If you participate fully with the program – you will see results!

Hear what Jill and Niloufar have to say about their experiences with the Healing Female Pain program…

Mind Body Pain Relief for Women

​10 learning modules, coaching calls, and bonus content at your fingertips with lifetime access. Imagine everything you need to understand and integrate a Mind-Body approach to healing your female pain into your daily life so you can reclaim your mind, body, sexuality, and life again.

Valued at $2,000+

Reclaim Your Life

​By integrating a Mind-Body approach to relieving your pain, you’ll learn to take your focus off your symptoms and get it back onto everything else in your life. You’ll start feeling more confident and hopeful, let go of fearful thinking, and regain the freedom to make plans, do what you love, and be your old self again!


Reclaim Your Body

​As you learn to relieve your chronic pelvic pain, you’ll develop a new relationship with your body that feels good! You’ll reclaim the freedom to move with joy and begin activities you had previously given up, like walking, sitting, sex, and exercise.


“I went from having pain that was debilitating…to sitting, driving and going on trips with my husband within the year.”

I went from having pain that was debilitating and being bed bound to sitting, driving and going on trips with my husband within the year. I had been in severe pain almost nonstop for five years before finding Lorraine’s program. It has changed my life in so many ways and it is so worth it! The tools she teaches can apply to any kind of pain, but I appreciate the focus on pelvic pain.
– L.B.

“….It was the best decision I’ve ever made.”

I’ve spent over 8 years in constant, high levels of pain, going from healer to healer trying to find a way to “fix” my broken self. Some things helped but nothing ever took me very far. I’ve never done an online course before, especially one from someone I haven’t heard much about but I was impressed with Lorraine’s approach to things and decided I would try it out because I was so desperate for some support and answers. It was the best decision I’ve ever made. The ability to be surrounded by a group of women in a similar place to mine was so healing as was Lorraine’s support. The amount of time Lorraine spent answering our questions (even if they made no sense or were asked multiple times) was incredibly encouraging and touching. I’ve done a lot of mind-body work and have often felt confused, overwhelmed or full of self blame. The materiel never felt blaming, pushy, or out of reach. Everything was practical and clear and blew my mind almost every week. It probably would have taken me a lifetime to figure out all these tools and processes and I am so grateful Lorraine put it all together so I didn’t have to!
– S.C.

“….I am pelvic pain free…”

I recently participated in Lorraine’s Healing Female Pain program, and am so happy I did. Although I knew there was a connection between my pelvic pain and my emotions before the course, the work allowed me to feel those emotions rather than rationalize and “think them through”. As a result my pain subsided significantly and 6 months later I am pelvic pain free! Lorraine provided a wonderful toolbox of techniques that I continue to use not only for pelvic pain, but for creating a more pleasurable and heart-felt life. I am deeply grateful for her caring, compassionate and effective coaching.
– M.L.

How do you know if this program is a good fit for you?

It is a good fit if…


After reading the above class descriptions, you feel optimistic, eager and possibly even excited about getting started!


You suspect there may be a mind body component to your pain, and even if you may be a little skeptical, you are curious to learn more about a mind-body approach.


You have consulted with and are under the care of a doctor. I am not a doctor, therapist, or other licensed medical care provider and can not give you medical guidance or advice about your symptoms or treatment plan.


You are frustrated with traditional medical approaches and possibly exhausted from trying to find something that will get rid of the pain.


You’re willing to try something new and stretch beyond your current experience or knowledge.


You are willing to learn how to be kind to yourself.


You are ready to commit to a process of self- discovery, learning and transformation. In order for this approach to healing to work, you will need to spend time each week connecting to yourself and implementing the tools.

Join Healing Female Pain today for $1295!

(or 3 monthly payments of $460)

I’m ready, sign me up!

Satisfaction Guaranteed: If you have done the work and you aren’t satisfied with this program, you may request a full refund until March 7, 2024. Details here.

More feedback from happy students!

If you’re still not sure if a Mind Body approach is right for you…

Ask yourself if you can relate to any of the following common traits of people who develop mind body syndromes…

Do you tend to be very self-critical or hard on yourself?

Do you strive to do things perfectly – and usually think you’re falling short?

Do you struggle with self-doubt and a lack of confidence?

Does nothing you do feel good enough? You just can’t seem to do it “right”.

Do you think you’re “too emotional” or feel like you’re just fine (except for this awful pain!) but either way you tend to find ways to avoid feeling emotions in your body, through activities like overeating, binge watching tv, surfing the internet, obsessing, worrying, analyzing, or problem solving?

Have you tried to relax, decrease stress, feel your emotions, or think more positively, and ended up feeling frustrated or confused about how to do it? You may (or may not) find temporary relief from things like meditation, yoga, therapy, and general stress relief tools but if you do, it still hasn’t made a significant difference in your overall pain.

Have you had different types of mysterious pain or chronic health issues at different points in your life?

Did you have a stressful or emotional experience (or a series of stressful or emotional experiences) preceding the onset of your symptoms? For example…a loss, move, trauma, birth, relationship or career change, or other stress.

If you answered yes to any of the above it is likely that there is a mind-body component to your pain and that this program would help you.

“This is not your typical online class. It is well worth the time and commitment.”

I found that there are few, if any other, programs like this one available to those who suffer from pelvic pain. It was a gift to find a philosophy that looked at mind-body connections as the causative factor, which I have found to be the case in my own experience, Lorraine’s class format is well organized and provides instruction, tools, and lots of opportunities for interaction with Lorraine through weekly web/phone classes. Lorraine, as the teacher, has an unusual ability to be clearly empathic and genuine even through webcast formats. This is not your typical online class. It is well worth the time and commitment!

“I resumed water skiing and riding a bike.”

​I no longer think of myself as a pelvic pain sufferer. By the mid point of this course, I was able to wear panties daily. I resumed water skiing and riding a bike. I love life and appreciate myself.
– Amy

“My pelvic pain is so much better!”

Just a note to let you know how I’m doing after taking your course. My pelvic pain is so much better! Your course really hit the nail on the head for me about how my pelvic pain was related to the things that have happened and were happening in my life that led to my pain. I had always pushed these very sad thoughts and childhood memories in the background and refused to acknowledge them and the role that they were playing in my unconscious life. I have worked these things through with my psychotherapist and after about three months of weekly therapy sessions I finally started to feel physically better after almost a decade of pain.

Thank you so much for your insight, encouragement, your reading lists, your experience, and your support. It has really meant the world to me.

– Isabel

This program isn’t for everyone, however…

Please DO NOT enroll if:

You are NOT ready or willing to spend time practicing. You won’t receive the full benefit by simply listening to the calls or reading the handouts. To see results, you must practice the techniques I will be teaching you. Old patterns and habits run deep so it’s only normal that we have to invest time and energy into learning something new.

You are looking for immediate results or a Quick Fix. The tools and techniques you will learn are VERY effective over time, but they take time to learn and integrate into your life, AND your body needs time to heal. During the 12-weeks of this program I will teach you the tools you need to relieve your pain. While you will likely experience some relief during this time, long term and lasting relief may take longer.

You are experiencing pelvic pain and have NOT consulted a doctor about your symptoms. I am not a medical or licensed mental health professional. You must take full responsibility for your own health, well-being and safety in this program. I recommend you consult with your doctor ahead of time to get the all clear.

You are NOT willing or able to be responsible for all of your actions and decisions during and after this program. If you decide to participate in this program, you are responsible for making final decisions about any actions you decide to take or not take during and after this program and you agree to consult with your doctor before making any decisions that impact your health. In particular, stopping certain medications can cause physical or psychological symptoms if the process is not done correctly. Any changes in medications for anxiety, depression, pain, or anything else should be managed in consultation with your physician.

You’re having a lot of doubt about whether or not this program is right for you. While it’s completely normal to have some doubt about a mind body approach to healing (You are after all going up against years of conditioning that says that your mind and body are separate and that to fix your body when it’s broken you must go to an expert who can do something or give you something that will fix it), if you are have significant doubts about participating, I would suggest that you err on the side of caution and not take the program at this time. Your intuition or gut may simply be letting you know that this is not the next right step for you, or that you are not yet ready. For general program questions, feel free to contact me and I will be happy to answer them or help you in your decision.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

​If you have other questions please feel free to contact us.​

Do Not Delete

Why will this program work when nothing else has?

Put another way….”I’ve already spent so much money on different programs and still haven’t relieved my pain. Can you guarantee this will work for me?”

These tools and concepts have worked for me, and they’ve helped hundreds of other women. This program addresses the root cause of chronic pelvic pain….in a way that no other program or treatment I know of does. Without addressing the mental and emotional patterns underlying your pain, it’s unlikely that anything else you’ve tried or will try could be 100% successful – including medical treatments, PT, diet changes, energy work, acupuncture, and mindfulness techniques).

Mind Body principles have been helping people heal their bodies and relieve their pain for 1000’s of years!

Assuming you have seen a doctor and have no underlying medical condition or irreversible tissue damage, if you practice these tools, apply the concepts, and give yourself the time you need to learn the skills and integrate the principles into your life. While I cannot guarantee results, I am confident that you can not only experience relief, but improve the quality of your life as you do!

AND, you have a risk free trial period to check it out and see what you think. So, you have nothing to lose!

What if I’ve already tried another mind body approach and didn’t get the results I expected?

This program is different. It is specifically for women with pelvic pain, so it addresses the unique underlying mind-body issues related to sexuality and pelvic pain for women that is often a missing piece in other approaches.

Will this program work for other kinds of pain and health issues?

Yes! The tools and concepts I’m going to teach can not only help relieve pelvic pain but migraines, back pain, insomnia, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia, and excess weight.

The underlying cause for all of these is often a state of imbalance, mostly due to being dissociated from your body and it’s wisdom (and living in your mind). When you learn how to lead your mind, connect to your body to hear its messages, consciously relax your nervous system, and connect to your soul, you will improve your health overall!

And not only that, you’ll be happier, more confident, and live your life with more passion.

How much time do I need to do the program?

You’ll have a 30-45 minute class to listen to for each module, and an average of 15-40 minutes of practice most days, depending on what works for you.

While it’s important to engage with the program, pushing yourself and working hard are completely counterproductive for pain relief and healing. Because of that, one of the first things you will learn in this program is how to take the pressure off yourself and practice in a way that fits into the rest of your life and feels good to you – because that is what will yield the best results. And remember, you’ll have lifetime access to all of the materials (as well as the option to stay in the community when the group ends), so you can work through the program at your own pace, and that’s how I will support you to do it…in the way that is best for YOU.

What if I'm afraid I won't be able to do it. (ie. I can't relax/meditate/visualize. OR My patterns are too ingrained.)

I work with women in pain every day, and I know how easy it is to get overwhelmed and think “I can’t do it” when you’re in pain. Because of that, I’ve gone to great lengths to design a step-by-step program that is very do-able. Everything is broken down into baby steps, with lots of support built in, including a workbook and audios to help you. I’ve hired a professional curriculum designer to help me incorporate adult learning principles that work for different learning styles so that it is user-friendly. I’ve helped over 1000 women through this program, and while many initially think that they can’t do it…they find that they can! I’m confident that you CAN too.

What if there are physical reasons for my pain?

It’s common to think of pain and other physical symptoms as an either or thing, “Either my symptoms are mind body or they are physical.” It’s also completely understandable to think that when pain begins after an injury, birth, or surgery – or is accompanied by chronically tensed muscles (ie. PFD) or affected nerves (PN), or hormones out of balance (menopause), than it’s purely physical.

But that is almost never the case!

Here’s the thing….muscles can tense and nerves can be compressed, and hormones can change, and there doesn’t have to be pain. In fact, x-rays of people who don’t have back pain show similar physical “abnormalities” as those with pain. And in the realm of pelvic pain, for example, there is no correlation between surgical findings in endometriosis and levels of pain. In other words, more lesions does not mean more pain. So, clearly there is something else going on.

All pain is created in the brain, and addressing the factors that cause your brain to create pain is going to help relieve it, even when there are accompanying physical issues.

I’ve seen this over and over again with my clients.

Are my symptoms mind body?

One of the things I’ve learned over the last 12 years of helping over 1000 women relieve just about every type of pelvic pain, from pelvic floor dysfunction and pudendal neuralgia to vulvar pain, painful intercourse, and interstitial cystitis, is that there’s almost ALWAYS some sort of mind-body component of pelvic pain.

In my opinion, a mind body approach can (and should) be part of EVERY treatment plan for pelvic pain…Not only because the skills you develop will calm your nervous system and relax tension in your body (both of which contribute to healing and relief of even “purely physical” health issues), but because it improves your frame of mind and as a result your quality of life as you do.

If you’re wondering if your symptoms are  mind body, here are some things to ask yourself:

  • Do you tend to be very self-critical or hard on yourself?
  • Do you put pressure on yourself to do things perfectly?
  • Does nothing you do feel good enough? You just can’t seem to do it “right”.
  • Are you an emotion stuffer or dumper? Do you find ways to avoid feeling or dealing with emotions, whether it’s through activities like overeating, internet surfing, or reacting – or mental activity such as worrying, analyzing, problem solving, obsessing, etc.?
  • Do you feel disconnected from your sexuality? Do you carry unresolved shame, fear, or negative conditioning around your sexual self from your family, culture, religion or negative past experiences?
  • Have you tried to relax, decrease stress, feel your emotions, or think more positively, and ended up feeling frustrated or confused about how to do it?
  • Do you struggle with fear, anxiety or catastrophizing around your symptoms or other things in your life?
  • Do you have a history of different types of mysterious pain or health issues at different points in your life.
  • Did you have a stressful or emotional experience (or a series of stressful or emotional experiences) preceding the onset of your pain?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above,  there is a very good chance that a mind body approach will help you relieve your pain!

What if I can't make the live calls or have to miss a call?

All our calls will be recorded and available for to watch anytime. We also have an online forum in which I am very active answering ALL your questions and where you can interact with the other women in the program 24/7.

If you are ready to take control of your health and your life and relieve your pain… NOW is the time.

I hope you will join me!

I have created a space for you full of love and possibility – where you will be supported to find the relief and freedom you’ve been looking for.

If you’re tired of trying solutions that don’t work, and you’re ready to get to the root of your pain…..REGISTER NOW. I know you’ll be happy you did.

With Love, Magic, and Possibility,

Lorraine Faehndrich

Women’s Pelvic Health and Pain Relief 

Join Healing Female Pain today for $1295!

(or 3 monthly payments of $460)

I’m ready, sign me up!

Satisfaction Guaranteed: If you have done the work and you aren’t satisfied with this program, you may request a full refund until March 7, 2024. Details here.

“…today my pain is mostly non-existent.”​

With Lorraine’s guidance, I have truly been able to transform my life. From learning to feel my emotions (instead of suppressing them) and reviewing the beliefs/thoughts that were no longer serving me, today my pain is mostly non-existent. I no longer view my body as my enemy and I know that I have been given the tools that I need to continue my healing. I have more energy; I’m full of life, and happier than I have ever been. This program is truly life altering and a MUST for every woman with pelvic pain!!!
– Kelly P.

“…it was worth much more than I paid, it has changed my life.”

I can so strongly recommend this course to any woman who feels something is off in life. You don’t even have to have pelvic pain to benefit from this course, but any kind of symptom (e.g. adrenaline disorders/fatigue, headaches, back aches) is probably an indicator you would retrieve value from this course. For women that are perfectionists, hard working, maybe having lost a bit of life lust…. this is all for you. For me it was worth much more than i paid, it has changed my life. You forget about your symptoms and it all becomes about designing a life that is better for you. A life that your soul will rejoice in. I never wrote a testimonial before for any online course, but this one was just such an eye opener and life changer.
– Lina

“….I am almost completely pain free at this point.”​

I have had many angels and helpful people since the beginning of my journey but I just wanted to send you a HUGE thank you for showing me this beautiful way to get out of pain. I love, love, love everything that I have learned from you and I am almost completely pain free at this point. I feel so much more peaceful. I am aware of my soul’s presence at all times. Thank you for putting all of the pieces together for me.
– Janet

“….The guidance and tools she provides are like nothing I have ever witnessed from any healthcare professional.”

Lorraine was amazing. She took the time to explain and answer so many questions. The guidance and tools she provides are like nothing I have ever witnessed from any healthcare professional. She is truly an angel in my opinion.
– Renee

“I have much less tension in my body….”

I have much less tension in my body in general, and in my pelvis in particular. My vulvar burning is gone most of the time, and I know what to do when it flares up. I am so happy to have tools that work!
– Heather

“…the best method money can buy.”​

This program is unlike any other, and I’ve worked with pain psychologists before. To be honest, I’d recommend this program over it to start with. Learning how to work with your emotions and thoughts is the best method money can buy. It is worth every penny.
– Healing Female Pain Participant

“…I am so much more optimistic about my future now.”

Before the program, I thought my mind might have something to do with my pain. After the program, I KNOW it does. I am proud of myself for starting this journey, even though I might have been a little skeptical at first. My relationship with my mind has definitely changed. I love the fact that the program teaches us how to be kind to ourselves…I believe that anyone in chronic pain would benefit greatly from the materials taught in the program and from the way you introduce it to us. I am so much more optimistic about my future now.
– Dianne

“I look at my situation in an entirely different light…”

I no longer resent my body or my God for “turning on me”. Now I see it all differently. I absolutely recommend Healing Female Pain. I don’t believe anyone else is making such an important connection to our pain and our mind.
– Mary

“I have felt 100% cared for and supported…”

As our group is getting close to ending, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for all of the support you’ve given to us over the last few months. You have been amazing! I have felt 100% cared for and supported, and I truly appreciate all the time, attention, and love you put into teaching and supporting us. Thank you so much for everything! This has been a really difficult time in my life, and I feel so blessed to have found this program.

I also want to thank all of the ladies in our group for their questions and participation. I learned so much from all the questions everyone submitted. So many times I couldn’t figure out how to put my questions/thoughts into words, and then someone would ask exactly what I was wanting to know. Thank you for also being so open and sharing your vulnerability; I know how hard that is. I hope to “see” you all in the Community Group. Lots of love to you all on your healing journey!

– Sheri

“This has been truly life changing…”

THANK YOU for your program and all of your incredible guidance. As horrible as it was- and I would have NEVER have said this many months ago- but I truly believe my pelvic pain was a gift to break free from the decades (maybe lifelong?) of body pain, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, physical therapies, etc.) I suffered from. I know I have a lot more work to do and will always be learning but this has been truly life changing thank you so much.

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