Your Experience with Pelvic Pain

By Lorraine Faehndrich

I’m gathering information about women’s experiences with pelvic pain and I would love to hear your story!

Would you be willing to share it with me?

(anonymously of course – unless you’d like to share your name)

If so, I have a 10 question survey for you to take.

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When I was in the early stages of pelvic pain I felt confused, scared, frustrated and worst of all alone with what was going on with my body.

When I did finally go to a doctor, I didn’t get any help.

One of my goals, in addition to helping women relieve pelvic pain, is to raise awareness around a mind body approach to pelvic health so that women can begin accessing their inner wisdom and partnering with their body to heal BEFORE they are in chronic or debilitating pain!  Ideally pre-pain.

I want women to know that others have been where they are and relieved their pain, that there is nothing wrong with them, and that they have choices about how to heal their body – WAY before they need to even think about medications, surgery, or other invasive or uncomfortable treatments!

And to do that it would help me so much to know your story.

Things like….

What were your first symptoms?

What did you do first to try to resolve them?

Who did you reach out to for help?

What help did you find?

What’s one thing you wish you had known back then?

Your answers will help me design more effective programs and reach women sooner – ideally as soon as, or before, their symptoms begin!

Click here to take the survey

Or if it’s easier, share your experience in the comments below – including your answers to the above questions.

I am always so grateful and honored to hear your stories and appreciate you taking the time to share.

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Thank you!

With love, magic, and tons of appreciation,



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