The Healing Female Pain Program

The Healing Female Pain Program is a 10 session cutting-edge online program that helps women who are suffering with pelvic and sexual pain, anxiety, and other chronic pain relieve their pain and reclaim their lives!

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I’ve taken all my best tools and information and put them together into this highly supportive program to help you relieve pain and anxiety!

Here’s just some of what you’ll get during this 10 Session Program….

  • An in-depth understanding  of how thoughts and emotions can lead to pain and anxiety (including the science) and what to do about it.
  • A proven program of simple and effective tools that will help you break the cycle of mental, emotional, and physical tension and begin relieving your pain NOW.
  • Support and understanding from me and other like-minded women.
  • A whole new perspective on your amazing body – and your pain.
  • The ability to drop struggle and access hope, peace, greater confidence, and wellbeing.
  • Deeper connection to your body, your intuition, and your Soul.
  • Powerful tools  to help you break your patterns of obsessive negative thinking (including obsessing over symptoms), so you can not only relieve your pain but reclaim yourself and your life!

“….It was the best decision I’ve ever made.”

“I’ve spent over 8 years in constant, high levels of pain, going from healer to healer trying to find a way to “fix” my broken self. Some things helped but nothing ever took me very far. I’ve never done an online course before, especially one from someone I haven’t heard much about but I was impressed with Lorraine’s approach to things and decided I would try it out because I was so desperate for some support and answers. It was the best decision I’ve ever made. The ability to be surrounded by a group of women in a similar place to mine was so healing as was Lorraine’s support. The amount of time Lorraine spent answering our questions (even if they made no sense or were asked multiple times) was incredibly encouraging and touching. I’ve done a lot of mind-body work and have often felt confused, overwhelmed or full of self blame. The materiel never felt blaming, pushy, or out of reach. Everything was practical and clear and blew my mind almost every week. It probably would have taken me a lifetime to figure out all these tools and processes and I am so grateful Lorraine put it all together so I didn’t have to!”

~ S.C.


If you’ve already taken the Healing Female Pain program click the links below to access your program materials:

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HFP Winter 2016 Course

If you are currently in the Healing Female Pain program, or took the program in the Fall of 2016 or later Click Here to access your materials.