Mind Body Relief

Right now, you’re in pain. Pain in the most intimate part of your body. Pain that you’re probably too embarrassed to tell most people about.

And maybe you have been for a long time.

You’ve probably…

  • Tried everything. Seen a TON of doctors. Tried specialists. Taken several different medications. Done yoga, physical therapy, acupuncture, crazy restrictive diets, visualizations, maybe even surgery.
  • Held it together for everyone in your life. You’re dependable, reliable, trustworthy. To outsiders, you’ve got it goin’ on. But the truth is, you’re not fully able to enjoy it.
  • Wondered if you’ll ever be pain-free. Maybe you’re anxious. Sad. Distracted. It’s more than just the pelvic pain. You’re likely dealing with other symptoms too (anxiety, overactive bladder, low back pain, migraines, low energy, depression). Blegh!
  • Felt broken and alone. After all, you can’t exactly tell people what you’re going through! You’re not about to announce to your boss, co-workers, friends, (or blind date!) that you can’t go to work, out to dinner, or on a trip because your vagina hurts too much to sit that long.

You’re still searching for relief because so far, nothing has worked.

Pain – and thinking about pain – is the only constant. You don’t want it to define you. You don’t want to be “the woman who can’t live a normal life because of chronic pain…” But the longer you have it, the more it messes with your mindset, interferes with your intimacy, and makes you feel bad, physically and emotionally.

But, there is hope.

You can re-claim that happy, healthy, you.

The YOU who is a friend, lover, and positive beacon of light and love. The YOU who appreciates and loves her body. The YOU who confidently expresses herself – sexually and otherwise. The YOU who isn’t hindered by pelvic pain, and can even comfortably wear jeans!

You can relieve your pain.

First, you must know that there is nothing wrong with you or your body.

You read that correctly. But before you get angry or confused, let me explain. I am not saying that you’re not in real physical pain. (I know your pain is REAL, I’ve been there!) I’m NOT saying that it is in any way your fault. (It’s NOT your fault!) Your body is just trying to tell you something.

You see, your body is a Healing Machine. When it’s not healing — there is a reason.

And in most cases the reason is that you’re not listening to it, because you’re not listening to YOU.

Maybe you’re putting a ton of pressure on yourself. Maybe you’re a bit of a perfectionist, an overachiever, or constantly critical and hard on yourself.

Maybe you’re always trying to be “good” and do “the right thing.”
BEST mom, BEST partner, BEST boss.

Maybe you’ve fallen too far off track, by not listening to YOUR NEEDS and taking care of YOU.

Pain is your body’s way of helping you get back on track.
After all, your body and mind are connected.

And unfortunately, this is not something most doctors take into consideration. Modern Medicine views your body and mind as two totally separate entities but they are one.

Believe it or not, your thoughts and emotions have a HUGE physiological impact on your body.

Which is why Western medicine falls short when it comes to chronic pain syndromes (like vulvodynia, interstitial cystitis, pudendal neuralgia, irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia, etc) that have a lot to do with the effect that your thoughts and emotions are having on your body. But that doesn’t mean you can’t heal.. You just have to learn how… and where to look.

Up until now you’ve been missing this huge piece of the puzzle.

Your body is inextricably linked to your mind, emotions, and soul. They are ONE.

Which means that when you learn how to lead your mind and honor your emotions and soul, the pain will go away.  

Lorraine FaehndrichHi.  I’m Lorraine and my passion is helping women relieve pelvic pain by helping them understand how their body, mind, emotions, and soul are connected (aka the mind/body connection) and giving them the tools they need to get them back in balance. I’ve lived through vulvar pain myself and understand how it can effect every aspect of your life (I’ll tell you more about my story over here) and I know how to help you heal your body and take your life and your healing back into your own hands.

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